IOST Google Chrome IWALLET Install Tutorial and Account Creation

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token for the crypto slow YouTube channel CRYPTOSLO. CryptoSlo with
more crypto gains today we’re talking about i OS t i wallet install into the
google chrome full tutorial i OST is another smart contract token similar to
Tron but claims to have a scalable infrastructure up to 100,000
transactions per second as you can see on dap review
there’s only ford apps out there right now so it is still very early so let’s
get started the very first thing you need to do with
iOS T is create an account in order to use I wallet you must have an account so
the difference between the Tron link wallet and the I wallet with iOS T is
Tron link allows you to create an account in line in the wallet iOS T at
this moment does not so what you need to do is go to iOS T
alright the next step is to generate your account at iOS T so the
first thing we do is hit Auto generate that’s our public key and then we have
to give the account a unique name iOS t actually uses alphanumeric as your
account address so if you’re withdrawing from finance and depositing into your I
wallet you would use the name of your account so sometimes it doesn’t go
through the first time if the name is already taken you do all lowercase and
numbers so we’re gonna do crypto slow 99 okay click on I am not a robot on the
fire hydrants a little CAPTCHA action okay
all right looks good okay and then we’re gonna go ahead and create account give
it a minute it’s gonna go out and verify that that account name has not been used
and we’re waiting for a private key which means that your account has been
created on the blockchain all right at this point you have your private key and
your account name so very very important you need to write down this information
so that you can access it at a later time and that’s how you’re gonna import
your account into I wallet so go ahead and copy it and paste it and save as iOS
t-account so you do want to encrypt this and put this in a safe place where
nobody can get to it so go ahead and hit save now if for some reason your account
creation fails change your account name and try again because it does not do a
pre check on the blockchain to make sure that that account is available so now
assuming that you’ve generated a private key in our iOS t account you’re gonna go
to the Chrome extension webstore and we’re gonna search for I wallet and their i wallet is add to chrome’ ad
extension and it will pop up in the right-hand corner so now we need to
import our account into our iOS t.i wallet so go ahead and create a password and I’m just going to make it simple
because this is a test account and write that down you don’t want to lose your
password and accept an import account oops
has to be eight digits so we’re gonna say to go simple just making it
something stupid alright I’ll actually put a link to a
secure password creation so go ahead and hit import account and this is where I’m
gonna need my private key okay so copy that paste it in and hit submit
and now you can see give it a minute crypto slow 99 which matches and we give
it a minute to reconcile on the blockchain and that’s it so you start with a set
amount of gas and RAM now I’ll get into another video where I talk about gas you
have to have gas to play games or you’ll run out of gas and then you can no
longer play the game it’s kind of like energy on Tron but it’s a little
different because when it drains it won’t take away i OS T in place of gas
so that’s the next tutorial where I will show you how to add gas to your account
by staking iOS T and I’m hoping also to and do another tutorial on depositing
into your I wallet so once that’s all set up what you came here for now that
you have your iOS T wallet you can go to DAP review and see what gaps you can
play so right now there is the endless game and see how it automatically logged
me in just like Tron link and then assuming I had some funds in my account
I could start playing the game that’s all there is to it hope you like today’s
video like and subscribe this is crypto slow
if you’re not talking gains then we’re not talking

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