Introducing Mobile Wi-Fi and dongles from Vodafone

Hi, I’m Sukhi from Vodafone We know that in todays world it’s really important to have a good internet or data connection From work emails to entertaining the kids
we want to help you stay connected So we offer a variety of ways to get data on the go without needing a phone This is a mobile Wi-Fi device And this is a dongle Both are able to connect devices to our 4G network giving you an ultra fast connection Mobile Wi-Fi devices are very similar
to standard Wi-Fi devices You put a data SIM inside and the device creates a short range wireless network which up to 10 devices can connect to Tablets, laptops and games consoles are all
able to connect to our 4G network The dongle provides a direct internet
connection to the device it’s plugged into It fits into USB ports, like this one Data on the go is a great way to stay connected for less saving the hassle of finding a Wi-Fi
point when out and about And using a mobile Wi-Fi device, or dongle,
means that you don’t drain your battery And we even offer 30 day bundles, so you don’t have to sign up to a long term contract Perfect for students And with My Vodafone, our nifty little app, that shows your usage, you can stay in control of your connection You can also take your mobile Wi-Fi and dongle abroad thanks to Vodafones EuroTraveller and World Traveller Check out or worldtraveller for full terms and more information So with all these options you’ll be able to stay online wherever you go Great for tablets, like this one You can watch high quality videos, play games and browse the internet with 4G and a big screen without a phone contract To find out more about data on the go, mobile Wi-Fi, and dongles, check out And for all the latest from us subscribe to the Vodafone UK YouTube channel

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