Internet Wala Love – 15th February 2019 – इंटरनेट वाला लव – Full Episode

It was fun today. We sneaked out of
the party and no.. No one has a clue. Oh.. Jai.. Why do you keep falling? Are you intoxicated? Give me a hand.
– You’re so drunk. Get up. Even you’re intoxicated.
You’re drunk too. Shut up. I don’t drink. Jai..
– Yes. – Ice-cream. Get up. I want an ice-cream.
– Help me get up. Help..
Come.. Which one?
– The orange one. – Okay. Mister, the orange one.
– Hurry. Make it fast. It must be worth lakhs. Here you go. Rs. 20 for the ice-cream. I don’t have the money. Can I pay you tomorrow? No,
you need to pay up right now. Have it.. Keep it. He gave away the
watch worth thousands for a Rs. 20 worth ice-cream? We can fool him easily.
– True. Cheers.
– Cheers. Let’s do this.
– What? Should we go there?
– Where? Our hang out. Where is it? Where for the first time we.. Jai.. You’re mad. Do you understand
what to do with them? It will be done. Adhya, I want two kids. Any other wish, Highness? A companion for Wi-Fi. A partner. Then my kids,
Wi-Fi and its partner and me will watch TV together. After I get back
from the office. Hold on. What about me? Are they your
priority and not me? When will my turn come? Right there.
– Where? Somewhere around. Hello! Don’t ever think so. Otherwise,
I shall not cook for you all. Then stay hungry. No.. You..
– Outside the house. You’ll be there. I need food, right? Jai.. I don’t want to talk to you. You have always
been my priority.. Let it be. You will always be my priority.
– No. I assure you.
– Sure? Promise me. promise.. Pinky promise! What is this? What happened? Jai, my ice.. Jai.. Jai! Aren’t you cold? I am but what can I do now? Hello.. Don’t try to act smart. Even you’re feeling cold. Then,
won’t freeze in these clothes? Even you’ll turn into
orange flavoured ice-cream. I have a way out.
– What? Sharing is caring.
– Better. Am I right? Are you still cold? I have many
other ways to keep warm. – No.. Jai, what if someone sees? Someone will see us. Then they are free to.
This is not wrong. Karan.. Where’s Dad? He left.
– He left? Yes. he just left. How did that
drunkard leave behind his young girls and vanish? Mr. Karan!
– Hold on.. Jai and Adhya sneaked out of
the party and no one noticed. Hold on.. Please! Calm down. The kids must be somewhere around.
They’ll be back. How can I calm down? They’re young kids. What if something goes
wrong with them tomorrow? Right.
– PK, call them. Yes.
– Right. Loud..
– Yes, on speaker mode. Yes, on speaker mode. Call up Aadhya. Hey.. Get lost! Come on.. – Do you
have sole rights on her? We want to enjoy as well. Jai!
– Hey, leave me! Leave me!
– Hey, get the girl! Jai! Jai, save me!
– Aadhya! Jai!
– How dare you! Hey, catch! Jai.. Somebody help us, please! ‘This soft hands are
not meant to slap others’ ‘but to get kissed.
– Yes. – Leave it!’ ‘Wait, dear.’ ‘These are the same goons’ ‘who were misbehaving with me,
yesterday.’ Hey..
– Jai, save me! Jai! Get them!
– Hey, let’s run.. How dare you!
– Hit them.. Jai! – Leave it!
Don’t spare him. Hit him! Hey! What is this?
– Sister! – Jai. What happened?
– Jai! What?
– What happened? Sister!
– Jai! Jai, are you all right? These were the same thugs who
were misbehaving with Aadhya the other day. I won’t spare them!
– No! – Quiet, Jai! Shut up! Hey, you!
And you.. You, irresponsible girl!
Didn’t I tell you how important that necklace
is for me? You don’t value it.
What if it had got lost? Hold on, Roopa! Roopa, the
necklace is not so important. Father-in-law, this..
– Jai, listen to me carefully! Until now,
I have fully supported you but today,
I’m very upset with you. Gosh!
You went out completely drunk! What if something bad
had happened? Had the police arrived here
then how would we have faced Mr. Shubhankar? She is not yet your fiancee, yet
you are dallying about with her! Grandpa..
– Shut up! I have decided until Aadhya
becomes your fiancee you two can’t meet each other. Mom.
– What to do, dear? Grandpa, don’t..
– That’s my order! Where are you?
What’s going on? Why are you bothering her? Even she must be busy
with the preparations. Thanks to Ms. Roopa that
she asked me to stay back otherwise,
I’d have missed out on all this. You know, I’m attending
an Indian function after years.
– Oh! And this ‘Gajak’.. I can’t tell you
how much I missed it in the US. Oh, ma’am. Are you still upset
about yesterday’s incident? Come on! Your son, Jai,
is very responsible. I’m sure, he isn’t doing
anything wrong right now. Okay, you know what?
Have this ‘ Gajak’ and cheer up. Do you know something? The famous Roopa Mittal
has made it. Come on, have it.
– Thank you, dear. Dad, where did you go
from the party last night? My head was aching
due to the noise and loud music so I came back home. ‘Why is he lying?’ ‘Mr. Shubhankar!’ ‘Mr. Shubhankar!’ ‘Where is Mr. Shubhankar?’ ‘He hasn’t come here yet.’ ‘There is something fishy
for sure.’ ‘Or else, why would he lie?’ The Mittals had got spurious
drinks, I’m telling you. Yesterday, everything
was out of control. Mom.
– Yes? – I was wondering since we have to select
the engagement rings then Aadhya and I will go to the
jeweller. That would be right. Jai. – What is it, Mom?
– You are not Jai Verma but Jai Mittal. We don’t visit the jeweller.
But the jeweller comes home. Yes..
I mean, it’s nice. So, here’s what I’ll do, Mom.
I’ll call Aadhya home. So, we can select the rings
and get our measurements and everything done..
– Why? In our family,
the daughter-in-law never selects her ring. My mother-in-law
had chosen the ring for me. So, Aadhya won’t do it either. And as far as size is concerned,
I think that Ragini’s ring size will be same as
that of Aadhya. Wait.
– Who is it? Jai. Yes, Jai? – Diya, listen,
give the phone to Aadhya. She’s applying oil in my hair,
so she can’t talk right now. So, listen, put the phone
to her ears. – But.. Okay, wait.
Take it. – Hello. Yes, Jai? – It’s been 15 hours
since I last saw you. So, listen, make a video call. Jai, now..
Everyone is at home. An incident has occurred
yesterday. So, it won’t look good, right? I said, make the call,
so you have to. I won’t take no for an answer.
– Jai.. Aadhya! – Jai, dad’s coming.
I-I call you later. Hello.. Look at this. What is this? This is for my daughter-in-law.
Show something stylish and of the latest design.
– I’ll get other designs delivered from the shop. From the shop? This.. Look at this one, ma’am. This is pretty. Ragini, wow! Our taste is so similar. Even I was eyeing this one. Just like you,
even I have a fine taste. What do you mean? I mean,
your all-time favourite snack is mine all-time favourite
snack, too. Tell me, what it is. The green savory snack
from Mittal Bhujia Bhandar. Really? But, all your life
you were in the USA. How did you develop a taste
for this particular snack? Actually, I have a friend
who keeps visiting Delhi. She is the one who made me
taste it for the first time. Ever since, I have been
maintaining a stock. Thank you.
Thank you, Lord. It means, the snacks
of Mittal Bhujia Bhandar are even consumed
in the USA! Thank you, dear. I think, you should open
an outlet in the USA, too. It will do a good business. Do you think, our shop
can do a good business there? Not just good, but too good. Look, I am a nutritionist.
– Yes. Together we can introduce
a healthy range of snacks. It will be an amazing thing. Oh, my God.. You know,
this is the very first time when someone other than me has given such a fantastic idea
for my business. I am very lucky to have met you. Indeed, you are very lucky. You have the best
of everything. You’ve someone like me who can give
amazing suggestions. – Right. You will be having an amazing
daughter-in-law like Aadhya. What else do you want? Right. Tell me something. Are you planning
to polish the floor by walking on it continuously? Exactly! Your love life
is giving us a tough time. I’m losing my cool.
Remain silent! Don’t irritate me. It’s been 20 hours,
since I haven’t seen Aadhya. And grandpa is too much! Over such a small issue he refrained me
from meeting Aadhya. This is too much! Yes!
Now what? Aadhya, I’m telling you,
I’m losing patience. Listen, I am coming
near your house come outside and meet me. No, please don’t.
Don’t even think about it. Why?
– Don’t be so stubborn. It’s well known to you that grandpa has never refrained
us from doing anything. But he was
very upset yesterday. That’s why, we should
listen to him. Okay? Aadhya..
– No more excuses. I will talk to you later.
I’m busy right now. Okay? Bye. Oh, this.. This girl can be
influence by anyone. If you wanted to talk to someone
you should have called me. Why are you talking to yourself? Come on, Jai! Don’t be so upset. Okay, look at this. We have selected
this ring for Aadhya. Not bad. Really, that’s it? Look at it carefully.
Let me show it to you. It’s good.
In fact, quite good. Oh, God.. This is not coming out. Why don’t you apply
something slippery? It will come out easily.
– How can I? It’s a new ring. It’s meant for your engagement. Hold on.
Show it to me. Let’s go to the jeweler.
He can remove it. The jewellery shop is nearby. There’s a parking problem
over there. That’s why I parked it here. Come.
– Jai. Ragini, what happened.. Ragini!
What happened to you? Are you all right? ‘I am sure, it’s Jai.’ ‘This guy just doesn’t
understand.’ ‘He is here.’ Jai, I know it’s you
under the bed. Come out, quickly. What’s this, Jai?
I asked you so many times not to come here
but still you are here! Come on, come out. Hurry up. Again, he is in Aadhya’s room. Are you fine?
– Yes.. Shall I take you
to a doctor? – No.. Actually, I suffer from vertigo. So, sometimes I feel dizzy.
That’s it! Let me talk to Karan..
– No.. Don’t call him. He will be extremely worried. So.. I am fine. Shall I get you some water?
– No, thank you. I am fine.
– Are you sure? – Yes. Aadhya! Hadn’t I asked you
not to come here? Where is Jai?
– Jai! He is not here.
There is no one here. There is no one.
– Switch on the light. Dad! Switch on the light.
– Dad, really, there’s no one. Dad, what are you.. Hey.. Dad! Hadn’t I warned you? I had warned you! Dad, actually..
– He is a rude guy! He is nothing more
than a spoilt brat. I am sure, he had
a good reason to come here. Who enters a girl’s room
at this hour! I want to know that. Dad, wait..
– He’s a spoilt brat and.. Excuse me. Yes, Aadhya..
– Jai, what’s wrong with you? Why did you come to my room? And how dare you push my dad! Aadhya, I.. Jai, hadn’t I asked you
not to come here? But still you came here! Aadhya, listen.. Hello? ‘I didn’t go there, so..’ ‘Who came to Aadhya’s room?’


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