First of all admire this sunset I should have made this video a long time ago but I was afraid because I thought if I did it would be too obvious, after all who doesn’t know that social networking today is a cancer it’s an AIDS even if they already know me underscoring this idea, will do them good so dude today’s video is about the reasons why you should drop social networks at least don’t be addicted to them remembers the time when there were no social networks, where as much as there was a dial-up internet where you used to play, watch porn and whatever, dude play and watch porn, and then the conversation with your friends it was real the conversation with people the contact with people was real it was nice, at least for me, to sit with my friends on the sidewalk of my house and talk today I still do that but I select very well because I know it’s not every person I know who has condition to put myself at that moment with me and my friends precisely because they are drugged and nowadays in any social contact he is contaminated through the dependence on seeking someone else’s admiration people are addicted to approval, and social networking at that time was intended to be something social, not today she has two goals, let me tell you, one is the end goal and the other is a middle, let’s start at the middle the way is to create a gallery, a gallery of people when they are laid out and shown to you according to her status, the feedbacks they receive the comments, and then for people already realized that already forge cool content to make people comment more, make it give you more feedback, a longer reach and every photo will have a filter that makes the sun more colorful, the water bluer the person who is there prettiest in an unreal way, you see that thing, see that person, that picture, that place, the sky the sea, and think ‘this person’s life is like that, full time and my life is here, in a bad house, in an ugly place ‘and compare, it’s inevitable that you compare yours backstage with the stage of others there are people who really have such a life, conquered, there are other people who forge photos like that to demonstrate all right there will always be one and there will be the other, but this is like I said, it’s just the middle of a social network right they did it like this to keep you addicted, to keep you stuck there make no mistake the guys behind this the engineers of social networks study details by details of human behavior, the human brain to keep you more and more addicted and when you least you realize is there in the restaurant there the guy probably is fiddling with his cell phone gave three seconds of idleness you put your hand in your pocket take the phone open Instagram, start rotating the feed, to see what’s there, it’s a repeating pattern, but as I said this is the middle and what is the end? the end is the worst of all the end dude the gold of this century is a business called information, information about you all social networks have a lot of information about you and know you more than yourself more than your parents if you usually go on Instagram and look at pictures of women there will be a pattern there of the kind of woman you usually click on, Instagram will play that for you for two reasons, to keep you addicted and play for you the content you have you are more likely to get addicted there 2, play for you ads for you to buy products and I venture to say that there is more behind it but I can’t say nothing which is spying on you maybe why not of course maybe this you already know but it doesn’t stop there there are people who have a habit of consuming content on YouTube just like you are doing it now phrase content on Instagram, yes there is a lot of cool stuff, a lot of real stuff here on YouTube and Instagram only there the content is shallow we consume a lot of shallow content what makes us condition our brain to all the information we have we retain only shallow information, and when we need something more complex we will read a book we will read something, study something, we can’t, because we got used to the easy we used to study there only on youtube, just the fast things, the things that are consistent with today’s fast paced world have you noticed how you are ruining your ability to interpret you can’t study anymore and you can’t focus anymore, you can’t do anything anymore, this thing of always absorbing fast information information that is not dense makes us totally limited “ah Copini, you say that but you make video for youtube” obviously I try to be as thorough as possible within the youtube parameters, which are no longer a big deal, if I make a video a little over seven minutes for example YouTube doesn’t show it to anyone, and you don’t watch either, of course I also produce advanced content within Alphalife Premium content you have to take time to see and interpret, which is more complex content To finish this video, I want to say something that I want to sound like a stab, in the ego the sad reality is that no one but nobody is paying attention to you nobody cares about the picture you posted no one cares about the caption, no one cares about your followers you being a normal, non-public person with your 1,300 followers it doesn’t matter if there’s anyone who cares about the people at the top the “Neymares” of life, the “Brunas Marquezine” of life if you care, you’re very dumb because a person’s influence will act on you ok, we are influencing all the time but why not be influenced by people who have knowledge and not simply status, not simply followers not an entire industry created on top of an image look how the business works, the guy started to gain prominence maybe for charisma, maybe for what he started to accumulate followers people started to engage and the marks started to put their symbols on this guy’s body you go there and enjoy, the brands are paying this guy, this guy is making money then you go there and buy this brand, thinking it will be fucking like this guy there is always going to be an industry behind you as you begin to interpret how these things really work You start to feel a certain disgust, if you have the sense, you also have a disgust there is a syndrome called foMO Fear of Missing Out, is the fear of being left out that was a lot of talk, about two, three years ago, not even people were developing a fear, it was the guy over there I saw his friends Saturday night, hanging out at the club and posting those stories from the Absolut bucket in the club and he at home watching Netflix, then he would look at that and feel bad many people have developed this syndrome today I say you must purposely develop this syndrome, not the, foMO, but the pleasure of being left out it’s cool to be left out, cool to be black sheep, you should hit your chest and say I don’t participate in it all it doesn’t matter if I’m on the social network or not I’m not part of this matrix, it’s you that’s the joke, not me leave the like for this content reach more people, so this youtube algorithm understands that it’s relevant and not because I want this video to reach five thousand likes, I don’t care, I don’t care I just want my work to reach people, open eyes and realize his purpose subscribe if you know me today, not to inflate my ego, not to follow me and idolize but to get my fresh content, when it comes out, that’s it man


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