Internet Search Engine Rules of Compliance HTML 59 – 111 Characters Reading Titles October 26, 2019

okay so so I’m in my HTML book my
website design made easy this is chapter 2 we’re in the rules of compliance and
so I made another video but I wanted to elaborate on it a little bit because it
does kind of make sense to me right now so if you think of a library as a search
engine so I was kind of poking fun a little bit that because it’s talking
about the search engine it said the rules of compliance one of the rules is
the length of the title the acceptable title length at the time of this writing
was from 59 to 111 of characters at various search engines so while each
space between words also counts as a character so I knew that that’s one of
the biggest questions I had was well how much does artificial intelligence read
and so when when YouTube came around and I was asking that question like how much
of it doesn’t read because I knew that it came from somewhere you know like
what all was going to be read and and so then this is putting in here this
doesn’t mean that you should make your title between 59 to 111 characters all
search engines have their own rules so if you make your title 60 characters
long you’re breaking the limit of the search engine that only allows 59
characters so you see that so it’s it’s not so this is implying that the search
engine won’t read anything everything well if you’re talking about a book
library that’s true a library is a search engine a school library a college
library is a search engine in the card catalog and it doesn’t include any
everything so they could be basing this off of of they could be basing this off
of a school library and so this was shortly after well this was when I went
to college and so this is probably where I got the idea that search engines
didn’t read through everything and that’s that’s what this book is saying
that’s what this book is saying is that it doesn’t read through everything this
doesn’t mean you should make your title between 50 you know if you want to make
a title that’s two paragraphs long you should be able to make a title that long
and and I said in my other video I said maybe this is why we have Twitter right
now if well could be because if you’re going to
write a book that’s telling people that search engines don’t read everything
then this is why we end up with Twitter that you know so you just are are saying
the titles and not the rules of compliance this is like this is like the
military code of conduct we’re gonna read through the rules of complaints for
HTML the Uniform the Uniform the URL the Uniform Resource locator so this okay so
all search engines have their own rules so if you meet your title sixty
characters long you’re breaking the limit of each search engine that only
fifty nine characters unless you want to build a site specific to each search
engine it’s best to work with the lowest common denominator in this case you
should only meet your tight a maximum of 59 characters for the best
across-the-board results so Twitter should reduce down to 59 characters
according to this book the second title we came up with was 69 characters so
further refinement is needed most search engines understand jargon they they know
people shorten words like info instead of information knowing this so we can
alter our title into cheap dates rock bands tour info photos and song lyrics
so so it’s sort of like pushing almost like it’s pushing an ideology let’s see
who them who the authors of this book is okay so it’s boogie jack calm Dennis
Gaskell yeah that that was in my college this is Wharton publishing company
Englewood Colorado Morton publishing company and so yeah yeah so and I’m
thinking like since then I’ve been told that search engines read everything they
read everything that’s what Margaret told us base
luckily but I but I’d still I guess I just didn’t I I just couldn’t make it
make sense because it’s like well I wasn’t thinking of it in the terms of a
website developer and it’s like well do I even want to say all this because of
the fact that you know if it’s not gonna read it then why do I want to write all
this stuff but then YouTube Margaret is writing YouTube Margaret is writing or
doing a video and I showed you guys that the other day and telly was telling us
in 2011 that the only thing the search engine has is reading and so if we don’t
fill out our description and tell the search engine what is in the video then
artificial intelligence can’t even read and so yeah I’m thinking you know a good
lesson for people who write educational books that are shit you know and that
are you know when they’re when we have a whole bunch of people who take things
literally which is students adults I mean I’m sure I’m not the only one who
takes things literally in a sense you know when someone tells you something a
lot of times people believe it and that’s why people get screwed over so
much and then that that’s how we get people who become cynical and get over
to the point of well I don’t trust you or I don’t believe you you know which is
turns into advertising because if you come up with crap products you know and
that’s what what marketers do is come up with crap products to bamboozle people
and so yeah maybe Twitter should go down to 59 characters in this book to just
read the title like the card catalog of the library they should reduce the
amount you know before they get rid of their self you know so yeah anyway I
think that’s it for right now

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