Internet: PLDT/Globe/Sky – Who is the best Philippine ISP?

This is Anton from Hardware Sugar and
we’re gonna be talking about something serious today it’s not all fun and games
like boxing monitors and things like that but not too serious but something
that affects all of us and that’s the best internet provider to get. Everybody
hates their ISP if you’re with Globe you hate them with PLDT you hate them
with sky you hate them I mean it’s really a very emotional thing when you
ask people like who’s your provider what’s your speed how are how are they
and you know if you go to the pldt website anything they post people will
put an angry face on it or things like that people are really get emotional
about the internet in the Philippines and to be fair with good reason because we have a lot of problems with the internet in the country namely it’s super slow I
mean we’re like number 87 out of 128 countries in terms of internet speed and
yes some of that is due to the fault of the ISPs but at the same time I think a lot
of the ISPs get a lot of flack for things that really aren’t their fault I
mean maybe the consumer configured the modem the wrong way after it was set
up correctly and things like that user error or maybe a submarine cable got cut
affecting internet in the country so there are a lot of variable things going
on that can affect your internet and so I don’t want this to be a bashing
episode I don’t want this to be like oh my god pldt sucks
I mean try cable are you crazy don’t get that so we’re gonna try to be objective
and really sort of focus on what is P is best to get and what are the good points
for one is P versus or the things they need to improve on and you might be
wondering so what you want a hardware shop your own hardware sugar what
experience you have with ISPs luckily enough my first business or it’s still
running it’s called alcoves and we’re one of the
oldest apartment rentals Airbnb type rentals in the country so we have a lot
of apartment and because of that each apartment needs its own internet and we
decided that we would not just stick with one provider we would try all of
them we would as much as possible to get different
ISPs so we can get the best experience or we could try to get the best
experience from them the stuff I’ll share in this video is basically based
on seven years of experience dealing with PL DP where we have five liens
globe where we have seven lines at sky cable where we have four lines we will
have three criteria for judging each ISP on a scale of one to ten ten being the
best first criteria is getting the line how
easy was it for you to apply for the line second is how it’s the line like
once you have the line it’s the internet fast is the speed as advertised because
it usually break down if there are nine noise which makes the internet faster
which makes it slower so getting the line house the line number three years
can you fix it when the line breaks because that line is going to break
something is gonna go wrong and you’re gonna need to call customer support and
it’s your eyes to be responsive when you do try to call them so we’ll try to
judge on those three criteria first off on our chopping block is PL DP of course
the big gorilla and the room pldt is the largest telco in the country in the
early 90s and competitors are trying to come in the LDP wouldn’t let them use
their connections or their hardware because it was only pldt that owned the
connecting boxes and the lines and things like that
so there’s actually a Supreme Court case that says that PLDT you got a share yes
they’ll pay you but you have to share your equipment with others you have to
interconnect you have to allow interconnection with others because it’s
not just about human the public deserves better access when upon internet noon
but better access to telecommunications and services thanks to the supreme court
order PLDT now allows interconnection from anybody from globe and from other
providers first of all how was it getting the line and I would just
recently like two months ago I tried to get a PLDT fiber line for my own home
for my own residents and unfortunately the experience for me was really really
bad I applied with them online because that’s how you do it now they don’t want
to accept or they push you to apply online and to be fair that’s the most
convenient way you apply online and nothing happened when they emailed me
they asked me for some information for like for example I was availing of their
promo like if you switch from another ISP you get a discount but you need to
send a bill of that is I sent them all of that information
nothing happened I followed up they applied they asked for the same
information so I went through like five different customer service reps from
PLDT and it took me two and a half months or ten weeks to just of
constantly following up and I’m constantly giving the same information
my ID my application form my old bill for my former ISP it’s ridiculous man
it’s two and a half months of going back and forth and the customer service rep
keeps changing per email so it’s it’s like you’re if you’re banging your head
against a brick wall it’s like you’re shouting at the sky and the stars
couldn’t give a damn because really another customer service rep will get it
and he or she won’t know like oh this guy has already been waiting two weeks
this guy’s already been waiting one month two and a half months it took me
before I finally got my life first thank you to pldt shoutout to the team who
worked for a week as in like dinner acting like open the sabaha thank you
for and some of you are thinking well at
least you got your line but that’s really unacceptable from any customer
perspective if your customer has to be the one to follow up
it’s basically take my money situation right I’m ready to pay I’m happy to
switch and yet I can’t I couldn’t get the service so for East and this was
just a couple of months ago in 2018 so far east of getting the line really bad
I give the score for PLDT but they know that’s not a that was not a good
experience for me that was pretty absurd it’s almost approaching Kafka is
insanity level so moving on to how is it with the line in fairness I’ve always
found the pldt lines to be quite reliable you should need the speed I’m
going to be honest the speed that they advertise yeah you’d probably get a bit
lower when you’re downloading you should either speed this good and you don’t
need to worry about it too much it won’t go down as often as other ISPs and with
multiple lines in the Makati area again I’ll give the score at the end but
basically for reliability for how is it with the line PLDT does quite well in
fairness to them and that might be an effect of their being the legacy
operator they’re being the one with the most experience and things like that
unfortunately PLDT also fails in how is this when you need customer service and
that’s really where again a terrible terrible experience again just recently
in one of our apartment’s think it was around October 19 the internet went down
there was no internet there is no dial tone
so the very that very day we called them nothing that was a Friday on Saturday I
followed up by a phone and you can’t get any customer service rep it’s all
automated computer was happy to tell me that yes we have your report and we’re
gonna get to it but there was no feedback when are you gonna get to it
when can I expect it nothing like that on Sunday we followed up again in the
physical store because we go to the smart stores this one was in VGC they’re
open and Sunday and it turned out the initial report was taken wrong the
initial report was just like a noisy lion
there was no dial tone the phone was completely dead so this went on for like
two weeks where we kept asking pldt dude there’s nothing our phone does not work
not only does the internet work not work the phone line doesn’t work as well and
after two weeks we said to equity it’s so hard you can’t get them on the phone
you need to line up and they take so long in the PLDT office because there
are so many other people leaning or paying or things like that or
what for whatever reason two weeks later we decided to heck with it and we
switched the sky cable so just for that PLDT scores really poorly as well in
terms of fix my line helps me fix my line something broken please come over
to fix it so for my scores for PLDT he stopped getting a line is one other
thing it is a big moment it is like you are in the tenth circle of hell when
somebody calls you or somebody emails you like hey thanks for applying please
send this info and in your reply I did this is my third time we’re ready to
send that info come on man they ask stupid questions in the application form
like one question was what’s the pldt number of the closest landline to you
and like heck if I know what the landline of my neighbor is
should I go over to my neighbor whom I don’t know knock on their door and say
buddy you don’t know me but can I have your number I mean you know that’s not
gonna go down with my neighbor it’s a ridiculous question to ask it’s
unimportant enough question that they put it in the application form and
basically I said I don’t know obviously it’s not mission critical because they
were able to give me a line eventually but why I asked it in the first place I
think pldt can really review a lot of their procedures because obviously they
just really flunked I mean one out of ten for me but once the line comes in
out of the lines and to be heard pldt I’ll rate them a nine out of ten it’s
pretty good to be honest I won’t go to the number so I know a lot of people
like oh my broadband is 15 Mbps and I can download that so and so rest assured
I’ve been quite happy with the Lions once they come in they’re usually
reliable they’re usually work as advertised but and the big butt is
they’re gonna break I mean that line I talked about earlier we had that for
years without any problems and then suddenly the line goes dead and when the
line goes dead we better call you better call somebody else because plit
is just not gonna give a damn they’re gonna take your report and they’re gonna
find it somewhere they’re gonna toss in a table cool where so we’re gonna see
the light of day ever again and so I’m gonna read them a negative since it’s
ridiculous it’s sad it’s appalling it’s all of those things it’s like oh my god
man you’re I mean you’re already a paying customer and they can’t even get
back to you to fix your line or to have the common courtesy decency to tell you
that I’m sorry our technicians are really busy because we had that labor
where we had to make them all regular reality is having labor issues I’d be
okay you know just some things that could be appreciated but there’s no
feedback there’s nothing going on again it’s like a black hole would I recommend
PLDT well to be honest yes I mean if you’re okay with that
going into it you know what’s gonna go on like you’re probably gonna get the
line after much effort the lines probably going to be okay
and you’re gonna shit gonna get screwed over if the line breaks so just really
to end it if you’re okay with the uncertainty that if it breaks you’re
probably gonna wait a really long time to get it fixed then yeah you might want
to go with the LEP they still have the reliability factor behind them if you
can put up with all of their other carefully
you know antics no we have seven landlines the most out of any of our
ISPs and it’s because I like the underdog
I mean globe is also a big company but they’re definitely the underdog in terms
of being a newer player than PLDT they had to put up you know they had to build
up their infrastructure from scratch rather than pldt which already had a lot
of telecom experience in place when you know the internet sort of arrived here
in the Philippines I have consciously tried to support Loeb
and generally I find that globe is easier to deal with than PLDT so we’ll
just go through the metrics how getting a line how easy it is to get a line
usually it always works for me hello you know whenever I inquired they
always get back to me yes we can give you a line you have capacity there or no
we can give you actually my thing with Loeb is usually I inquire in detail Mena
sorry we can’t give you a line there because our capacity in that area has
already reached and that’s happened to me multiple times so there is feedback
it’s just that the feedbacks not so good I’m not really sure what the technical
thing is to globe that they don’t have as much capacity as PLDT but to be fair
at least their various policies with the customer on yes we can get you a line or
no we can’t get you a line and for the most part I’ve been quite happy with the
globe the e so getting a line with Loeb it’s usually quite easy on how’s the
line on the second metric the globe lines are a tad bit they’re a little
less reliable than the PLDT line usually some minor things always go wrong with
the globe line sometimes the internet will go out sometimes they’re doing
something and the speed will degrade a little bit so again they’re not
reliable PLDT but they’re not bad I mean most of the time you’ll get what you pay
for and again you’re paying a premium usually little bits also cheaper for the
globe lines they’re only slightly less you know their bit won’t here I don’t
know for some reason I found them to be less reliable but overall not too bad I
mean overall they’ll get the job done you get what you’re paid for and things
like that I’ll just treat them a bit lower I’ll give them the score I’ll give
you the score at the end but I rate them a bit lower than pldt and fixing the
line they also score much better than pldt because it’s actually much much
easier to get an actual person with globe because their customer service
maybe they’ll wait for 20 minutes but you’ll definitely get a live person and
you can explain the problem you can follow up if you have a customer service
number and actually the miraculous thing is they actually send people over again
just recently we had an apartment where the internet went down and within two
days gnome sent over a service screw to check out what’s wrong with the line and
things like that I did have one very bad experience in the globe technician he
came over to the apartment and he said that you know the problem isn’t with
globe it’s with the interior wiring of the apartment and when it’s the interior
wiring we don’t care about you that’s not our problem find somebody else to do it
and I kept insisting that how can it be the interior wiring because if you do
this and you do this and we went to which floor of an apartment building
usually asked like a closet where all the telco stuff gets dumped and we
checked it he’s like no I know it’s not our fault so therefore the chapter up
after one week so he left after one week of pestering globe
I got another globe technician and he managed to fix the problem within five
minutes and he even said that yeah you know that guy he should have done this
before saying that it was our problem and it was super easy basically he just
rerouted a line somewhere so that was my only really one bad experience at the
globe technician overall they’ve been quite fast quite polite very supportive
and they get the job done there are also pain points when you sink low but
they’re much much less painful so you’re getting a line I’ll give them a nine out
of ten it’s really they’re supposed to resurface quite fast getting back to you
how’s the line I’ll give them an 8 there only slightly less reliable than PLDT
but most of the time they’re fine and for fixing the line like how easy is it
to get customer service I’ll give them they can improve some things like their
teleprompter when you call them like they have a lot of stupid things on
their menu and things like that but overall once you get a live person on
the phone they can quickly dispatch a team and you can ask them so overall I
would definitely recommend globe if they have capacity in your area that’s really
been the only major issue with them but if you can get a globe line I would
recommend it really over a PLDT line because they’re usually cheaper and it’s
super it’s a lot easier to get customer service from global lastly sky cable
where we have four different lines for Sky cable the onboarding process is a
bit easier the application process I haven’t had really any problems with
them their application process is a bit slower than no a bit slower for them to
get back to you but again that’s not too bad half the line sky cable actually has
this weird thing or about this weird experience with Sky cable because
usually the lines word even though they text you they’re texting me all the time
that you know that the line we’re experiencing line signal problems in
your area please know that we’re working on it and most of the time in the
apartments I’ve never had guests complain about the connection of Sky
cable even though they’re always constantly texting me that oh hey
there’s a problem in your area although I do have to make the caveat that it’s
really in location dependent for our apartments in the Greenville area we’ve
never had any problems but I live in San Antonio Village my house internet the
sky cable and for the past two years we’ve had intermittent signal problems
like it will just be gone for four hours like there’s no internet and it’ll be no
internet for five hours and suddenly the internet will just come back on you know
you’d report to them and it’ll just come back on after a couple of hours but
that’s really frustrating sometimes but again that’s only for my area in San
Antonio and it’s gotten better I’ve noticed that that only happened over the
past two years but for the past six months it hasn’t happened socially
looking Sean specific it’s area dependent for our
Apartments in Greenbelt in the Greenville area I haven’t had that
problem so that’s something to keep in mind with all of the ISPs not just sky
cable but sometimes your friends will tell you I super Gaetano pldt but then
when you get beyond it sucks in your area you might need to
ask your neighbor even if you don’t know your neighbor for half the line slightly
less reliable than Loeb but not too bad and for fixing the line we haven’t had
to call sky cable a lot when I’ve had to call sky cable it’s been a bit harder
than gloom so they also score a bit lower than low but much better than BLET
in terms of getting a service crew over and getting you know taking a look at
the internet and seeing what’s wrong it’s easy to get a customer service rep
on the phone for Sky cable but getting the technical crew usually takes a
couple of days longer than it does with Loeb but overall I would rate sky cable
7 for getting a line it’s not too bad much better pldt slightly easier than
Loeb for reliability of the line 8 the lines are pretty good again except in
San Antonio but they seem to address that issue and customer service I’d rate
them a seven they’re a bit longer to respond and low but not by much so
that’s not too bad as well before we as a video I did want to address
Stonebridge because a lot of people are talking about them they also have much
cheaper plants than PLDT and they’re also offering fibre unfortunately I
couldn’t get them I inquired for them for departments they never got back to
me I inquired for them for my own residents again in San Antonio because I
was just super fed up with the outages of Sky cables they did get back to me
but they said that they hadn’t reached my area yet and they didn’t have
coverage in my area so I really can’t create converge at this point suddenly I
was a bit impressed with them before because they got back to me superfast
when I inquired for my residents but it’s been a week after I inquired from
my apartment for one of the alcoves apartments in the Greenbelt area and
nothing no response no email no call if you guys have any experience in converge
please do mention it in the comment that would help out everybody here we’re all
concerned about the internet we want faster internet but just bashing the
ISPs won’t do it’s better to be proactive I mean let’s really try to be
data centric and facts focused and finally vote with your wallet if pldt is
giving you a hard time they’re not you know you’re paying for our service
they’re not giving it then transfer if globe or sky cable or whoever if
converge is not what you expected then by all means transfer that’s the beauty
of having a lot of telcos and hopefully we’ll have more in the market soon to
give us more options give us better service to bring it back to hardware
sugar that’s again again again we keep repeating there’s so many pain points
involved in buying Hardware here in the Philippines that we want to make it
easier for you guys and customer service is really one of the things that we take
pride in that’s not lip service I mean if you
contact us you will contact you right away and even if you look at my other
business alcoves one of the things are super proud of is that we have a 100%
response rate and it only takes us like less than an hour to respond to
enquiries and that same level of devotion were applying to hardware sugar
so I run out of voice bitching and complaining about the LDP thanks so much
for watching if you have any comments but our other videos or about other ISPs
feel free to leave them in the comments thank you


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