Internet Income Jamaica Testimonial – David A.

Meeting Alicia and Lorette was the best
thing for me. I wanted to build a website years
ago. I didn’t know how to do it but they
showed me how and it’s really easy, and I plan to make full use of it to try and make a living for myself.
Retirement is around the corner, the job income is gonna go, well guess
what Alicia has made a difference and I’ll make the difference. Well when
I started… but what they taught me how to do, I
could do it in five minutes. Seriously setting it up is easy
step-by-step, once you follow those rules step-by-step
you can’t miss. A baby could do it yea. It took me five
minutes to build that website and when I get better it will
take me even less. Because I’m still new yeah but I did it
in five and you can do it in two

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