Internet friends are not real friends.

Hi! I’m Dave from Boyinaband 😀 Today I want to address that say that internet friends aren’t “real friends” (o_o) This is something particularly often from my friend’s parents 😀 or their more extroverted friends. :/ Even though the internet has been around for AGES now, there’s still this stigma associated with people you meet online. 😐 (here we go) You know, you’ll be conversating on the topic of your best buds, and you happen to mention an internet friend, they’ll be all like: “Yeah, but I mean like, REAL friends.” Or you’re having a healthy meal and you have an irrelevant anecdote about your mate you met online and they say “Ugh, you’re acting like they’re your real friend!” “You don’t know them!” So to bring those people out of their neanderthalic stupor I’ll explain why they’re incorrect with a quick thought experiment involving my stupid gross cat. Ok! So we’ve got two- Seriously, you’re offended by me calling it names? IT DOESN’T CARE IT’S NOT CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING HUMAN SPEECH AND ALSO IT DRIBBLES WHEN IT’S HAPPY AND THAT’S AS GROSS AS IT IS ADORABLE… but, l-look it genuinely has no effect on it emotionally. You’re stupid. You’re pointless. You are mind-numbingly insignificant. Look, look. You’re an idiot. You’re purposeless. (don’t you mean purr-poseless– okay back to subtitles) Cat: i’m outta here No one cares about you. D:


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