*dramatic orchestra music* what’s up cyberpunks It’s ya boi ☆゚.*MEME EMPRORRER☆゚.* Now, this video is going to be EXTREMELY informative red-pilled in fact ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Because this video will attract a lot of “n͠o͜r̕m̀a͜i͡m̴s̨d͝”̶ I’m going to include VI͡SUA̵L̷ ̶CO̡DE̛Ḑ ̸ME̵S̡S̶A͞GE̕S every now and then like this one: dXIgZ2F5ISBsb2wgams=cybersleuthes decode them and move on don’t share this information with T͏H̡E̡̕ N̸̕O͠R̨M̧̛O͟S̴ *V A P O R W A V E* *lol, you can put emojis in the subtitles 💩* now, let’s say you’re walking down the street a typical NORMAL way to greet someone walking the opposite way is to say “hELL0w” you both meet eachother on the sidewalk and you each greet eachother with you know… ⩿HEY!⪀ 【SUP!】 now, you never see a CYBERWARRIOR out on the streets doing N͞O̵͝R̨M͡UE͏͟͟ shit like that we’re taking back alley ways we’d MELT if the sun made contact with our skin ŃA̴̧R̸M̨̨͜I̴E̷S͡ in the store, grab their snacks and walk out but we ssssSLITHER in 🐍 we read the store labels in _C0DE, man life is a v1d30 game we crouch to go undetected we grab that Monster pay for that shit and ssslither out we’re highly intelligent beings we can’t just walk into a store with our hoods down *whispering* that would give away our secrets ケツを食ベる the different between us and the digital ignorant is that our thoughts are constructed with keyboard strokes cout


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