hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks
for joining us this week I want to deal with the most popular question I get
asked on the channel which is Danny how do I hit my driver on my iron straight
how do I stop coming over the top and how do I stop this horrible slice I keep
getting it is being the vein of my life for a long time very popular question
well in this week’s training we’re going to cover how to get rid of that horrible
slice for good or at least give you something that you can go and work on
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just like this one so what is happening why do you come over the top and how do
you go about stopping it well let’s let’s explain what a slice is first and
what’s actually happening well a ball that kind of curves like this and loses
a lot of power the club as opposed to coming down and through the target line
here it’s coming out here and across the tag line so it’s serene in the wrong
direction combine that with a blade that is also open this way to that path and
we produce a glancing blow and s left to right sites being a slicing out to the
right-hand side so what are we going to do is we want to get to the root cause
of the problem and the root cause the problem what I found is simply this your
clubface as its approaching impact if you’re slicing it and losing a lot of
distance is likely to be massively open and your body’s very very clever
once the clubface the clubface when it approaches once there be much more this
way but it’s wide open the body goes ah I don’t want to hit it over there I’m
gonna help him to kind of move and square the face up but in trying to help
you what it does the body swings out across the line because it feels it’s
the right thing to do come this way and enhances the great big curve that you
get so we want to first of all work out how are we going to square this clubface
up on a regular basis and how to sort the path out they’re the two major
factors so you’ve got clubface which is open and a path that’s coming from out
to win the two things we need to saw so which
one do we do first very simple and this is a step by step process don’t rush out
to the golf course for this this is something for the range you want to get
rid of this for good a little bit time now working this will really really help
so first thing you do not fix the path first if you’ve got a wide open face and
your track swing over it into out which you may have heard to stop a slice
you’re just going to smash it further to the right so we want to start to get the
clubface closing much more now double check number one what’s your grip like
your grip here particular with the lead hand here should be turned inwards
imagine it you’re looking at me now and I want to get yourself set and I might
be I’m going to throw your ball you’re going to catch it on the sides sides of
the ball here like this your hand will be slightly rotated in bring those hands
to the golf club so this so they’re rotated this way around now we’ve got a
pretty good strong grip what you’re should find is that the pad of your lead
hand here my kiss my left hand should be on top of the club if your pad is to the
side of the grip here that is what we call a weak grip and that will lead to
an open face so make sure the the pad is on top I can do that by if I literally
let go of my last three fingers here I can still hold the club comfortably
because my pad is on top if I move it to side I’m gonna I’m gonna drop it okay so
my pads on top that gives me a great starting point that stage number one
double-check your grip the second thing once you’ve done that
is this we know that look you’ve got a wide open fit we don’t want the body to
help us out to close the face so the next thing is to make some swings where
you get the sensation that the clubface is closing completely forget about path
at this stage how do we do that we’ll look at the toe just practice getting
the toe of the club turning through the shot from this position look at this I’m
even feeling like I’m actually almost rolling the wrists initially okay very
important getting the clubface closing now you won’t get you’re over the top in
this situation won’t just appear straight away we’re going to do that in
a second show you how to get rid of that but we want to get the ball
not curving left to right anymore so we swing we swing over the top naturally
because that’s what we’ve been doing and the ball starts to go left now he
doesn’t just go left hopefully if you do this correctly starts to curve right to
left now as you’re doing this what I would say is don’t move on to the path
stage until you start to consistently see your ball turning right to left in
the air so if you in a sense hit it left and it
still curves this way do no do not move on to stage two
right so the all we’re doing right now is we’re going to start to get the
sensation in the toe of the club turning to the sky this way even rolling
so the club is almost feels like it’s facing the ground on the way through
closing that face as much as we can with the new grip and hey presto I’m over the
top my boss started the curving which allows me now hopefully you if you’ve
got to state to move on to stage or step number two step number two is sorting
out the path path is simple once you’ve got the face sorted all it is is
sequencing so people that come over the top if you’re an over topper you’ll be
starting with the toss off first simply because you had to do your body’s
clever it’s down there toss off first is trying to close the face we don’t want
to do that so now some of you are going to play golf right-handed but our
left-handed and vice versa I’m gonna give you two drills to help you the
first drill is this you need to get the right sequence or what you do you get
the sensation of this if you threw a ball and I worked to imagine in front of
us here is like a hurdle and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna throw a ball
down to the ground and we’re going to skip the ball as if he’s going to bounce
over that hurdle now this is grass it’s probably gonna bounce but I’m gonna make
some throws and it bounced over the hurdle now what
this is doing is giving you the feeling of actually throwing yeah throwing the
club you never come over the top would you
just not going to happen yeah so we’re getting this insertion now
how to sequence the swing throw it down now some of you out there are going to
be left-handed playing golf right-handed so what you do instead is this you tip
the ball hold it in the your left hand turn your left at the back of my left
hand to the camera here what I’m going to do is I’m going to practice now
throwing the ball to the ground in the same way but I’m throwing it at the back
of my hand now and throw it forward this way watch am I going to come over it’s
not going to happen is it but you get the sensation now a throw
this does two things that will hugely improve your shape of swing but also
your power just the mere fact of throwing letting go how many times you
control in the club this letting go is a wonderful feeling so how do you then
transfer that to a golf club well you can imagine you’re holding this here for
a second and throw throw throw remember all this happens after you sort the club
out same thing here back of the left hand throw throw I’m throwing the club
I’m not hitting from this position and it’s as simple as that now you’ve got
one who wanted two feelings you might just do throw throw some you could on a
golf course get yourself set and then watch this
throw and suddenly you’re starting to throw it down the line remember very
difficult to do if your faces open your body is going to be clever enough to
kind of work it out and do something different but once you’ve got the face
fixed then you can start to work on the sequencing and really start to let it go
down that line okay let’s have a look at this one more times let’s just summarize
what have we done if you’re over the top or you’re slicing the ball we know we’re
coming out here the line and the face is open step 1
fix the face how do you do that sort the group out first imagine you’re holding a
ball like this at hands it’s like turned in hold the club in that position that’s
stage number 1 just hit some balls getting that feeling while you’re doing
this we know I need to fix the face we need to get that face closing down first
because we don’t want to see going out to the right so hit some shots even if
they go miles left don’t worry get the ball turning right to left even
if it goes what it turned into a pull hook great stage number 1 tick complete
how do you then keep that Marcia and get then the path and work on that pass oh
we’re not going left we’re going down the line well you do those two drills
one hold the club back in front of you here throw the ball into the ground so
it tosses over the hurdle like this that gets you the feeling of throwing this
way not over apply that to the swing if you’re a left-hander playing golf
right-handed just simply do out the back of your hand instead and you’ll get a
similar experience and then apply that to the swing give you some really really
good experiences but it’s a step-by-step process that must first of all take
place on the ranch hope it really helps you hit those irons onwards much much
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