How To Upgrade Your Business Telephone System Or Internet Service

How To Upgrade Your Business Telephones Or Internet Service Without Getting Ripped Off
this is a telecom adventure story it began as an upgrade to our business
phone system played out like a search and rescue
thriller my name is Joe this is my company and this is my story
Michael the company’s we realized we had fallen behind on their phone system I worry that we were paying for outdated
voice and data services it frustrated me that our biggest
competitor could connect with customers and execute orders faster than week they
were using technology to beat us a monthly carrier bills kept increasing Tim alrighty with missed some others
could soccer games because the boys data on phone problem every time we need
an iPhone for trouble kala carrier upgrade the net
is important he works group consisting we needed help but he’d he did the irritating struggled find and choose a better solution look
we’ve all been dragged through agonizing dog-and-pony shows from
telecom sales people pushing their agenda with a recommending
something daylight because it was better for them not us remember sitting through the
sales pitches death by PowerPoint was a cold weekend
in February when everything changed foursome Florida Gulf
had my attention I watched one company design bill
implement and support the boys and data services for huge televised of blast him to comb thinking if they can
pull this off for a pro golfer they could probably help during our
first conversation we realize we were dealing with typical
telecom company the shared their for guiding principles
rule one no sales presentations they wouldn’t
recommend anything until the understood everything about
our business and everything about us 0 rule to never prism ever have a salesperson bring brochures
to our first meeting month a mistake presuming you needed
that product the new rule 30 always do only within the client’s best interest
no vendor bias know people work with the
best providers for the clientele rule for estable they insisted all four
leaders on my management team join me it was refreshing to hear the depth and
breadth the big questions new jargon no text /b they asked about
our business our vision our problems then our
opportunity they explore the reasons why things were
important to you ok as a result when they returned a few
weeks later they offer the most comprehensive plan we’ve ever seen every idea which Denham for example I met a guy Tom he’s been
there for ages a mention a cross between a forensic
accountant and a telecom engine here he Peter
monthly bill and found more overbilling mistakes in
two minutes in weekend in two years now turns out Thomas dissected a
gazillion pages a phone bills over his career mistakes do seem to jump off the page
Adam we had no idea we can trust them with so
much for so long and that they be so good as an executive or entrepreneur if you
can relate to John story we might be able to help I’m Steve from
Safari telecom if you need unbiased telecom help from
drawings to dial tone from racks two routers from cable into
the cloud work system in section 2 backup and recovery
if you need every day support better than you could do yourselves simeon introductory will schedule a
confidential phone call you can decide if you’d like to invite
us to meet our team no sales pitches no pressure just a good old fashion
conversation to get started click this link
How To Upgrade Your Business Telephones Or Internet Service Without Getting Ripped Off

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