How to test your Internet Speed

Are you getting the speed you’re paying
for? There’s a real simple test to find out
how fast your internet connection really is. For years now I’ve used
and I’ve been really happy with the results. But recently I notice when you type in
“speed test” in the search bar Bing and Google are both offering their own
versions. So I thought it’d be interesting to do a side-by-side
comparison. So you know, I’m signed up for seventy
five megabits per second download and eight megabits per second upload, ok keep those numbers of mind.
People often assume though the download speed of one megabit per second will
allow them to download of one megabyte file in one second. Just not the case. A megabit is 1/8th as
big as a megabyte meaning that to download a 1 megabyte file in one second you need a connection of eight megabits
per second. Okay all that technical cocka aside, keep
in mind you should also always run several tests, not just one, because
results will vary even from moment to moment. Nnow Bing tells me in this test
I’m getting 69.7 2 megabits with an upload of 15.9 megabits, which just ain’t
possible since it’s twice the upload I’m paying for. Google, on the other hand,
tells me I’m getting 27.2 megabits download and 7.94 megabits upload. Now the upload sounds spot-on but the download speed is nowhere near what it
should be. Ok now as a comparison I’m going to go
to my old standby and see what they say speed test dot net report speeds of 78.32 megabits download and 8 point 0 megabits upload, which is exactly where it should
be. Now, a couple things to keep in mind,
first you should always run several tests to get an average before you go
off on your ISP for poor speed and you should also be aware of how many devices
are connected to your pipeline. I mean let’s face it if you’re throwing
a big party and everybody’s on your Wi-Fi you got to expect some congestion. Next
thing be realistic – if you’re paying for 75 and you’re
getting 69 like I did you doing fine stay off the phone. But if you’re getting 27 instead of 75
after multiple tests burn up the phone lines. You know the routine… Like it if it was good for you, comment,
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