How To Speed Up Internet Connection Windows 8 7 XP 8.1

Hello everybody, welcome to everybodyIT, and
hope you are finding all my tutorials helpful and if you have any queries you can send me
a message or comment on ay videos, i’ll just reply it. So, today we are going to discuss
about google DNS and how google DNS speeds up your internet. Simply, how to speed up
internet connection using google DNS is our topic and google dns. is actually a public
DNS provided by google to make the web a bit faster, that means it allows you, to browse
the internet a bit faster, download a bit faster on your current connection using the
google DNS. What all you gotta do is just go to your current network adapter settings
and change the ipv4 settings and enter the DNS address provided by google. So, this is
a tutorial on how to speed up internet connection using google DNS and lets get into the tutorial.
First goto control panel and goto network and sharing centre. I’m using windows 8 so
i can directly search it. Go to network and sharing centre, clik on change adapter setting
and you will get different aadapter that are being used by your conputer. You should know
which adapter is being used by your computer , just you should know which is used to connect
to the internet that you want to speed up. This is wifi 6 and this is the card i am using
to connect to the internet, you should know that. SO, another way to go here is right
click on your connection and open network and sharing center and change adapter setting,
it will take you to the window. After that you should know which adapter you are using
to connect to the internet and after you’ve known just right click on the adapter and
click on properties. A small box will popup and just scroll down a bit and goto internet
protocol version 4 TCPIP V click on that and it should be ticked and click on properties.
Donot click on use the following ip address, just goto use the following DNS server addresses
and just enter as the prefered DNS server and as the alternate DNSserver
and close it. You have to restart your adapter, so click on disable and enable it back. You
can simply plug off the device and plugin if you care using a external USB device, it’ll
be easy to plug out and plug in. Just double click to enable. Yes! and after that you can
connect to your wifi network and you’ll see a bit change in your network. Your speed will
increase a bit it has increased and worked for me and it should work for you as well
and just if are using a LAN connection or if you are using wired connection ISP, like
your phone connection to connect to the internet, you can use change adapter settings and properties
and you should use the DNSsetting as these that i have used here. Like preferred DNS
server and alternate DNS server so, if you are using a wireless connection
or if you are using a wifi htspot, then you have to alternate the settings a bit, for
the settings to work. just click on tcpip properties and in the preferred DNSsever,
you have to enter and in the alternate dns server, you have to enter this
has not been mentioned by Google and is from my personal experience. THATS ALL THAT YOU


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