How to Set Up Wi-Fi | Internet Setup

So installing wifi basically means setting
up all your devices; computer, router, to work together so you can create a wireless
network to share files and go on the internet. To do that, you will first have to own a wireless
enabled device, which is in this case my laptop which has wireless built in. If it didn’t
have wireless built in, I could use something like this, a wireless adapter I can connect
to the USB port to give my computer a new wireless adapter to connect to the network. The second thing you need is a working internet
connection. DSL, or cable internet that comes with a modem. To that modem we’ll attach something
like this; a wireless router. This router will basically take the internet signal from
the modem and share it with all our computers. The other thing the router will do is let
the computers share information on their own. If you have a printer you would like to share,
or files in a folder that’s important for everybody in the house or office, you can
share them all wireless with a a router. And that’s how you set up wifi.


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