How To Rollback Undo A WordPress Theme Or Plugin To A Prior Version

I’m going to share with you in this video
a plug-in that is going to save your butt hi my name is Adam from where
I make WordPress videos for non-techies and I have got some to share with you that I came
across and I was just thinking oh my gosh why did I not know of this before this is
going to help so many people I’ve got a kinda help you guys and get the word out there is
a free plug in though so even if I get the word out there is like an we benefit these
guys and put the money in their pockets but I found a free plug-in called WP rollback
and him to show you what this thing does and when you want to use this thing you definitely
want to make a note of this plug-in it’s right here it is free it’s called WP rollback and
it does that very thing it allows you to roll back a plug-in that you may be updated and
it broke your site a theme that you may have updated and it broke your site now there are
some limitations that I’m in explain just you understand how this works but I’m to give
you two real-world examples of this one of the page builders I like and I even made this
criticism to them and publicly about it I do love the page builder it’s called Elementor
and Elementor and fortunately they make these ambitious moves in developing their plug-in
and what happened sometimes is when they release a plug-in it may have a bug or two and cause
a lot of problems for people that clicked on the update button I know me I love to keep
things updated and sometimes you’re really rolling the dice and so there been many folks
that have gone and clicked on the update button now the website doesn’t work in there like
I’ll man what I do now how do I get the old version and and how do I fight can get the
old version how do I install the old version and all these types of things that’s a perfect
example another perfect example is the learning management system that I use and I like to
recommend it’s called LifterLMS and they have had this problem or they’ve issued out an
update and it did cause some problems and it just happens there’s nothing wrong with
either of these companies it just happens sometimes and another one is WooCommerce now
WooCommerce just released a big massive update WooCommerce 3.0 they changed a lot of things
and so if you’re familiar with WooCommerce it has all these extensions and the problem
was these extensions were not WooCommerce 3.0 ready so when you updated WooCommerce
you find all these extensions that gave you this this functionality none of it worked
anymore because you didn’t have updates for those where that really is a problem is if
you’re downloading these WooCommerce extensions just on some sites that give it away for free
and you didn’t really buy it and then you don’t have access to update your really in
a tight spot and so it’s actually funny you’ll see if you come to this page right here depending
on when you come you scroll down and read the reviews is person after person that installed
this WooCommerce update and said oh my gosh this plug and save me this plug and saved
me so if you have downloaded a plug-in and you’ve updated it and it’s because you problem
here is how you will fix it so what you want to do is log into the backing of your WordPress
website go to plug-ins go to add new and then do a quick search for WP rollback and here
it is you can see I have all ready installed it is already on 20,000 websites and there
is 58 reviews if you do use this and it saves you definitely leave these guys a review is
matter fact I will be leaving these guys a review today so let me tell you some of the
limitations of this let me actually just show you how it works once you install and activate
it when you’re looking at your themes or plug-ins you will see this option for each not all
of them but also the distinction you’ll see this option that says rollback and then when
you click on it it will allow you to choose a prior version and I’ll demonstrate that
in this video now here’s the only limitation this only works with themes and plug-ins that
you can download in the WordPress repository and what that means if you can download it
on this will allow you to roll it back if you downloaded something on theme
Forest or some third party website this just talking to work with that because it’s that
has no way of rolling it back because it doesn’t work the way that it works when it’s on
perfect example everything I have right here was installed on but say I had
the paid version of Beaver Builder it’s knocking to be able to roll those back if you had the
free version of Beaver Builder you would be able to because that’s [email protected]
also if you use any of the products from Thrive it seems none of those will be able to roll
back because they are not available on WordPress.ORG so that’s the only distinction or limitation
so here is Elementor and Zalman to go ahead and click on this a rollback option and here
it is here’s all the prior versions I can jump back to any version I felt like going
back to so if I upgraded to 1.4.2 and it’s incredibly stable by the way I wouldn’t do
this only for this demonstration but if I wanted to roll back to this prior 11.4.1 I
would just click on that box I’d scroll down I would click on rollback in right here’s
going to just give me like a little bit of a confirmation and some information whenever
you do anything like this is always a good idea to have a backup and I got videos on
how to make a backup is not to cost you anything to go ahead and then click on that rollback
option right there and it’s going to go ahead and do its magic now here is the thing you
can do this manually if you wanted to do it it would involve going to find the prior version
downloading it to your computer login into your website deactivating the plug and deleting
the plug-in and then you’re going to have to upload this older version and activate
it and then hope everything just works out right so this eliminates all of that but usually
all that sexy pretty easy the hardest part for someone new to WordPress’s where do I
even find this prior old version it’s not really that obvious so anyways it already
went ahead and did that I just need to click on activate and then you’re gonna see I have
this prior version and of course it’s telling you there is an updated version to the Elementor
because I just rolled it back a little bit so anyways you can download prior versions
of plug-ins they keep tweaking the way this layout here works so if you went to the plug-in
page here on might be under advanced view or something like that there
is an option to download the prior up here it is previous version and then here’s the
prior versions for whatever plug-in might be in there you can download it that’s how
you get it but is not so obvious when you come here most people don’t even know you
can do that anyway so this is just a really easy way it’ll cover your butt if you click
on update or you have some system in place that’s automatically updating your plug-ins
which is a good thing but is sometimes a developer might not have tested their plug-in or theme
enough and you run into these problems so just keep in mind the limitations it’s only
for plug-ins and themes if you do use this and it discovers your but I would
go ahead and go to the plug-in page right there and leave them a five star review to
thank them for doing that but this is by far the easiest way for any body new to WordPress
or even been around for a while to easily rollback any plug-in or theme after an update
that has broken their website because you made it to the end of the video I have a free
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