How to Prevent Website Malware Infections

Hi I’m Chris with Tiny Frog Technologies
and I want to talk to you a little bit about security topics on your WordPress
website. I get questions like how important are security scans? Well to
keep your website free from malware you’ll need to have security scanning
software installed on your server where your website is hosted. And these
security scans should run anywhere between three to four hours, 24 hours a
day, seven days a week. And they should detect any type of malware infection and
also clean it up. If your website is infected for a long period of time it
can get blacklisted from Google and other top security companies. So you
definitely don’t want to wait or have your website infected for a very long
time. You should just definitely have these security scans installed on the
server, scanning all your website files and taking care of its business. Once
your domain does get blacklisted it can take literally three to six months for
it to get cleared mainly because there’s a lot of cleanup involved and then you
have to resubmit your domain for your website to be scanned by these top
security companies. Another security topic I wanted to talk to you about was
a disc writing protection. So what this is is basically your website is living
on a hard drive. The files are on a hard drive and it’s kind of like your
computer, so if it does get infected the infection or the malware software can
actually start creating and writing infective malicious material on your
website files. With disk writing protection you definitely even with a
vulnerable theme or plugin software on your WordPress site it definitely will
limit the disk writing and also prevent or tone down your infections. If you’d like
more information on security topics please contact us at

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