How to Hack Internet on Local Area Network

Hello viewers welcome back to the channel in this video, I will demonstrate you how to hack internet on Local Area Network before I begin, you must understand few things or else you will start complaing that it didnt work well, first thing first that you should understand this only work on local area network not wide area network so, make sure that you are trying on the right side the second thing is the second things is that… this is usually called the technique MAC spoofing and you can not prevent mac spoofing the problem you are trying to solve is authentication and the mac address is simply not the right way to provide authentication since it can be spoofed very easily there are even legit reasons to spoof mac addresses so if you want to restrict which computers can connect you have to use better methods than relying on the mac address preferably methods that leverages some sort of encryption so probably, maybe.. its not working because your network service provider is using better encryption system or better authentication system so if its not working, its alright, you maybe on the side which is using I mean, that your service provider is using better encryption technique so it wil not work and thats fine so lets just begin how to do it before I begin, this is my channel please subscribe, like I am uploading videos on weekly or monthly basis so lets begin I am using Advanced IP Scanner for this purpose first you need to launch a detection software IP detection software I am using Advanced IP Scanner, you can use any software you want and then identifiy what sort of IP range you are in by going to the connectivity of your adapter details so if you can see I am using its a 1.1 ip series and this is the range you have to search for lets run scan, I have already settled the range here scan it will take few minutes depending on the load on your local area network if there are many users, it will take alot of time here you can see alot of ip addresses and mac address and if you can see the status here the blue light indicates that its currently on… active so this one is mine so lets just ignore this one 4 alive 8 dead ok I am not going further lets just copy this one this one, yes so I am – I dont know what did I say here :O” copy the mac address of this local area network right click, copy and copy mac address now go to network connection network settings your adapter options ethernet connectivity properties and go to configure goto advance tab and find network address right here now you just copied the mac address pase it here click ok lets see if it works or not see, my network connectivity has been disconnected because I changed the mac address of my internet connectivity from my internet connectivity and there you go see my mac address has been changed successfully close lets see if it works there you go, its working perfectly now what have I done is that I have actually steal the mac address of this particular internet connection and I am stealing his internet and in this method, you can actually use multiple internet connectivity on virtual machine and get more internet speed and bandwidth for downloading or any other purposes for example I have three virtual machines and one of my own so I just simply use multiple mac address and do it the same process on those virtual machine and get double internet like 2mbps if I 2mb here or it depend on the service provider what speed they are providing for different ip address so this could be one reason but that could by many other reason you want to have fun or you want to just block someone’s internet access out of revenge thank you for watching please subscribe and like


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