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What’s up guys Bendji D here from Get
Fixed so in today’s video i’m gonna be showing you how to get unlimited mobile
data using nothing but a SIM card that’s not even in service and a USB charging
cable. Let’s get it! Ok so the tools you need in order for this to work is a SIM
card and once again a USB charging cable you’re gonna cut one end off that USB
charging cable in order use the power cables from it you’re also gonna need a
soldering tool so the first thing you want to do is identify the coaxial and
also the d3 c6 dimension connection once you figure out where those two are
located you are going to be able to solder the negative and positive wire
onto it in order to distribute data and here is how you figure out where it is
notice how this portion of the SIM card is wedged out a little bit that’s how
you’re gonna figure it out so you want to make sure that little portion here is
orientated towards the right we are gonna solder the positive wire on to the
coaxial connection and the negative wire on the other end just like that now if
you want you could take the data wires the white one goes up here and then the
green wire goes right down here. Now the next step is I’m gonna show you how to
properly write a script in order for your computer to pick up this device and
it’s gonna know exactly what it is. Now the first thing you want to do is open
up notepad let’s do it here’s the script I want you to write down I am gonna have this group down in the
video description below so if you want to go ahead and copy that data you could
do that so it says user grade coaxial connection usable SIM card data nine
nine nine nine nine nine six four eight three nodes at six amp if unlimited data
then open coax signal that’s that’s the code now what I want to do with this
code is go ahead and open up CMD under administration permission let me show
you how to do that so at the bottom here I’m gonna use the Search tab I’m gonna
type in C M D is the first option up here you want to right click that and
click run as administrator yes. Alright now I’m gonna copy this code and I’m
gonna paste into command prompt hit enter and now you’re able to exit out.
Okay so here’s where the magic happens watch this I’m gonna go ahead and turn
off my Wi-Fi okay now it’s disconnected obviously
okay so now I’m gonna take my unlimited mobile hotspot and connect it to my
computer or the device that you want to spew out wireless hotspot even though
this is gonna be connected to my computer I’ll be able to use it on every
other device because it’s gonna be a discoverable connection okay so now that
I have it connected I’m gonna go ahead and open up Google Chrome and try out
the hotspot, there it is finally. Wow let’s try YouTube and there you have it my
computer is actually not even connected to Wi-Fi right now it’s getting the signal
from this. That pretty much raps it up for this video guys if you want to see
more videos like this in the future let me know down in the comments below.
Anyways guys Bendji D here from Get Fixed I really do appreciate you being
here and I’m out… Peace!


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