How to get found on Google – Digital Garage from Google

Hi my name is Gori I’m the head of
training for additional garbage from Google it’s an initiative from Google to
provide free digital skills training to lots of local businesses to empower them
to basically be found locally and really harness the power of the web to drive growth of their businesses. Google my business is a tool from Google to help any business or
business owner basically manage their presence on Google so help you be
discovered through search essentially Google Google that algorithm has updated
quite regularly and it updated a few years back based on the stats that said more people was searching locally for businesses so Google wanted to give
local businesses prominence and local search right, so helping them be found
locally by customers who are interested in getting local products. On Google my
business that you can have a presence on Google actually even without a website
it’s actually really amazing tool so as a business owner you should understand
that people might be using Google Maps to find you or maybe Google search but
Google search doesn’t mean you have to have a website to be found can be found
through a local listing and then people could click on your list a click on your
call me Now button call you directly find out what your face get now register
your your shop for example pop in buy your products. We found out I think a couple
years ago that the number of local searches or and so-and-so near me
searches had skyrocketed and especially from the launch of mobiles right when
mobile came into play people are searching for local businesses you don’t
want to be missing out on people that are searching using Google Maps they can
be searching not just for things like restaurants and bars, they might be
searching for a plumber for example or it could be a shop that sells arts
and crafts and I think it’s important to know that people are searching locally
so you need to be on the map to be found. You know as a local business you
technically have advantage over other businesses that aren’t local to be found by
local searches right so you want to be found in Google search by people searching
locally. Google helps you do this and by the Google my Business platform

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