What’s going on Youtube. Welcome back to another
brand new video and today we gonna be show you three easiest ways to fix dns probe finished
no internet error in your google chrome. You know what dns prob finished no internet is
a very famous error among the chrome users, and the fact is lots of chrome users are facing
this error lately. So we decide to search and find a remedy to end this nightmare. The
dns probe finished no internet error is mainly caused by two reasons. The number one and
the most people facing issue is technical error caused by your computer, browser, firewall
and this is comparatively easy to fix. And the second reason is faulty internet connection
caused by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Internet modem, which is terrible. If the
problem occur due to the faulty modem, We can simply contact the ISP and ask them for
a repair or replace. But if it is caused by your ISP, bad luck!. Then we are sorry, we
have nothing to do with that. All you can do is, contact your ISP and tell them about
the error and ask them for a possible solution to fix this issue. Or simply switch the ISP
to a better ISP. What ever it is, in this video we are mainly trying to fix error with
in your computer, browser or firewall. We tested all the methods in different system
under different ISP’s, before the making of this video. And we found the problem is fixed
100%. Hope it will work for you too. Stay tune. Solution number one. Go to start menu
or start screen and search for command prompt as usual. We gonna type “CMD”as short for
command prompt. You can search either cmd or command prompt. So here is it!. Just right
click on it and choose run as administrator. Guys please pay close attention. It is a really
important step and you must run the cmd with admin rights. Other wise the trick won’t work.
Now you will see a black window like this, which is the command prompt it self. Now its
time to get the commands. Here you can see some command lines on my notepad. And you
will find this command lines, below in the video description as well. And what you have
to do is, copy each one of them one by one and past it on command prompt. Press enter
and wait for five seconds. And do the same for the rest of the command lines. So let’s
do it real quick, copy, copy, copy, copy, copy, past, past, past, past. Now press enter,
enter, enter, enter, enter. All done, solution one is over. Now you can restart your system. In normal case it will fix the error. If the solution don’t work for your dns probe finished no internet error, go ahead and try solution two. If you are facing, especially “0xc00007b”
error which is an error code. You should try solution number two. So let’s move on to the
solution number two. In the first step we wanna go to the device manager. For going
to device manager first you wanna go to control panel. Search control panel on the start menu,
click on it. And form the control panel, click on hardware and sound and then look for device
manger, under the device and printers menu. Here is the device manager hyperlink, Just
click on it. And at last we reached the device manager. Or you can get to the device manager
simply by going down here and right click on the windows icon. So we don’t need two
device manager, right?. So let’s close one of them. Ok coming back to the point, look
for network adapter. You will find the network adapter just down below the monitors tab,
here is it. Now double click on it and you can see my network adapters here, which is
Intel R dual wireless ac 3160 and Realtek PCIe FE family controller. The Inter R dual
wireless adapter is my wifi network adapter, and the Realtek PCIe FE family controller
is my wired adapter, Which is the one now connected with my DSL Internet modem. So right
click on them one by one and choose update driver software. And click on search automatically
for updated driver software. Then it will search and download the latest update for
this particular network adapter. Now do the same thing for the other adapter. And please
not the adapter name which is shown on my computer, maybe or may not be as your network
adapters name. But no matter whatever the name is, Just update it. For example the network
adapter name on your computer maybe Huawei mobile, If you are using a Huawei mobile modem
as your internet device. So that’s it. Now let’s move on to the final solution. Solution
number 3. In solution number 3 we gonna perform a browser reset, so launch your google chrome
again and go to the upper right corner. Click on the hamburger menu, then click on settings.
Now you gonna wanna go up here and click inside the search setting box, and search for reset.
Now under the reset settings you can see a button called reset settings, click on that
and it will restore your browser settings to their original defaults. Thant’s it we
all done. Now it’s time to take a quick system restart. Will be right back. Hey, back again
after taking a proper system restart. Now let’s check the dns_probe_finished_no_internet
is still there or what?. Amazingly the error is fixed. Now you can see that with your two
eyes. Now we can access the internet without any problems at all. So this method is a success!.
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