How to Find the Best Website Builder (2019)?

Hi and welcome to WebsiteToolTester. Choosing a website builder is pretty risk-free
these days. Most of them offer free trials so you won’t be roped in against your will.
But you should still know what you are looking for! So here are our top tips for finding the best
website builder: Free trial First, make sure that there is indeed a free
trial. The majority of site builders provide free plans or at least a money-back guarantee.
Just stay clear of shady offers with decades-long contracts that ask for your credit card details
ASAP. Support This is because you don’t want to be alone
if something goes OOPS with your website at 2 AM. Does the company offer phone support?
Email? Forum? And if so, are the forums active? What happened to bluntpacers1’s question?
Did they ever fix that issue? Price Prices can be hard to tell sometimes. This
is why we create clear ranking tables including monthly plans, but also any extra cost like
email hosting, additional apps or domain name renewal. Features Everybody has got different needs for a website,
but here are common things you might look for: A blogging platform – can you easily add and
edit posts? Does it support user comments? RSS? Social media? SEO features – if rankings are important to
your business: Can you edit meta titles and descriptions? Is it possible to integrate
Google analytics? Mobile-friendliness – are the website templates
responsive? Do they play nice on smaller screens? Online store – Can you add as many products
as you like? Does it support Paypal? Can you ramp it up as your business grows? Portfolio – how nice is the photo gallery?
Can you display your best work in an accordion gallery? Password protection – if safety is of concern
can you password-protect pages? Can you assign different logins to different users? Does
it offer encryption? Domain Name Another important point to consider. Pretty
much all website builders let you pick a domain name like or .org or .net
in their paid plans. And these are often included in your monthly
fee. But if you’re already the proud owner of, you might want to connect
it to your new website. And we’ll let you know how that’s possible so you can immediately
start being awesome online. And finally, a real life example of how we
can help. Ok, so to give you an idea of the information
we offer, let’s have a look at a classic battle: Wix Vs Weebly. You might already know that they are probably
the biggest website builders in the world right now. What you might not know is that
they are surprisingly different in how they let you edit your template. As you can see, in Wix you can move elements
wherever you like. It feels like you’ve got complete control over the look of the
page. Weebly however, gives you more structure.
On the one hand, it feels like less freedom, but it also means less chances of ending up
with a shop or blog that looks like a Frankenstein of a site. So every website builder has pros and cons.
At WebsiteTooltester, we go in much more details about the differences between Wix and Weebly,
and tons of other website builders too. In short, you can leave the testing to us and
focus on creating your website instead. So that’s it for us. Thanks for watching
and feel free to comment if you have any questions!

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