How to DOUBLE your WIFI Internet Speed (ACTUALLY WORKS!)

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give my favorite items away. And today, I know a lot of you read title and you’re thinking,
is this clickbait? No. Can you really increase
your internet connection or double the speed? You can, you can’t increase the speed of the connection coming into your house, but by the time that
Wi-Fi connection travels to an overpriced Mac or whatever
device it is you’re using, it can become degraded as it travels. And sometimes that’s the
result of the antennas that are tied into your device. Many of you have heard
of Wi-Fi range extenders, which I’ve tested and I’ll
have deals on these coming up. But sometimes it’s the connection tied to your specific device where
the antennas need a boost. I’m going to unbox this, and I’m going to show you the dramatic
difference this had for one of the TV studios that I
work out of for network TV. This is powered by USB, so you don’t need any additional Wi-Fi, you could
extend public Wi-Fi networks to increase your speed, or you could use this at home safely. This is plug and play at its finest. So if you have a Windows, Mac, whatever it is, if you have USB you plug this right into your port and it works. If you have a USB-C one which I do, which is unfortunate, I’m
going to use an adapter. But this would plug
and play with anything. I’m going to plug this in
right here, and we are going to do our first speed test
actually without this. I’m going to do the Wi-Fi test right now in our studio where there
is a lot of interference. And the results that I pull once I plug this in will be different. Will it be dramatic? It really depends. We have some dead spots in
our studio as you can see. It’s pulling somewhere between 50 and 60 for the download speed,
which is what a lot of you use to stream
Netflix or Amazon Prime. Whatever it is you’re
enjoying, music downloads. Uploads, mainly for people like me. YouTube creators, if
you are sharing content. This is going to be a low upload speed that I want to affect, and as you can see the way it’s faltering
between the two speeds just shows the inequality of
signals within the studio. Let’s plug the Wi-Fi extender in. The Wi-Fi extender is now plugged in. I’m going to give it a second to register. And I am now, as you guys
can see on the same network. So we have to beat this speed, let’s see what happens now that I have
the Wi-Fi extender plugged in. I’m going to do the test right now. We have to go beyond
65 download and 10 up. So does this make a difference? Download, not a whole lot, a little bit. Okay, it is, it’s doing better. There we go, it’s chugging along. So we’re looking at a
speed slightly better. Upload though, dramatic,
like this is night and day. And this is purely the result of where this laptop was positioned in the studio. Guys, you can see I’m not
tweaking these numbers. This is actually what it’s
pulling on our studio connection. Purely the result of this
not being in the right spot, and the Wi-Fi extender making it so. Crazy ratings, if you want to grab this deal just expand
the video description box located right under me at under 30 bucks. This is an amazing grab,
lowest recorded price. And in most cases, it’ll be
worth just giving it a shot because sometimes it’s not the computer. Sometimes it’s not the router, sometimes it’s the antenna boost that you need to attach
to your physical device. I would love to know before
I give one of these away for free to a subscriber, what type of internet speeds do
you get at your home? Our studio as you can see had one speed, at my house where I record,
which is where I am right now actually in a different studio, my upload speed’s generally around 30. I pay for 500 to 1 gig down, and I’m lucky to see 200 to 300 megabits per second. So I’d be interested to
know, what are you getting? And I’d also love to know what you pay. All right, now I’m going
to give one of these away for free to a subscriber of this channel. If you’ve commented in the last
six months you are eligible. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool to find a subscriber who has commented. Congratulations goes to David Stump. Congratulations you have
won, yes, yes, awesome! And you’re getting a new
one because I just smashed this antenna against the table,
but you couldn’t see that. Sometimes I’m rough with technology, but it’s a good way to test durability. If you missed out on today’s
giveaway, or you want to make sure you don’t
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