How to Check Internet Speed on Android Mobile Phone in Hindi

Assalam o Alikum Friends! Welcome back to Asim Sher Official. in this video i will tell you that how you can check your internet speed online So if you haven’t subscribed to Asim Sher Official uptill now kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel Asim Sher Official for more interesting and knowledgeable videos. So now let’s move toward the video… So now in this video i will tell you about the internet speed. how you can check your internet speed. So for that you go to the browser it doesn’t matter which browser you are using. you can use UC you can use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. it depends on you which you wants to use. So, now the browser which is installed in my phone is Chrome. So now i will open it. As i have opened it so there is + sign because currently no tab is opened. So now i will click on the + sign. So now i am in the google search bar. So, as i have to test internet speed so i type speed test you also have to write this as it is. and then done. this is the result from the google results. So in this result as you see the second one as it is written internet speed test. So, you have to click on it. So as you clicked the website is showing you the result. 1.9 mbps is your approximately speed. its speed is not confirm yet. so now it is calculating!…. so after calculating it will tells you the exact speed. So we will wait until it is under processing. it will show you the speed in few minutes. So, now it is showing 1.2 Mbps speed. this is your speed at this time so if you want to get more info so then click on show more info button. So the latency and other extra info which you wants to get is also available. So Friends i hope that you have liked this video very much. and if you like the video so press like button. and subscribe to my channel & share the video with your friends. Thank You! Allah Hafiz.


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