How to Change your Network’s WAN IP Address Tutorial – For DDOS Attacks, Flooders, Gaming Booters

Hello YouTube! This video will show you how to change your WAN (Wide Area Network) IP Address (The description has step by step instructions) The things you will need are: Laptop or PC with Ethernet cable, Router, and Modem My current WAN IP, this is what we want to change Now, go to your LAN (Local Area Network) IP Address, you can find out what your number is with the CMD on Windows, or research other methods. This will bring you to your Router settings Search for a category similar to “Internet WAN”, and make sure you have a “Dynamic” connection type. This category should also have “MAC Address”. The location of these settings depends on your Router brand or manufacturer Your MAC (Media Access Control) Address is how your WAN IP Address is determined. This is what we will edit 6 boxes of 2 random letters and numbers should now be shown, the last 4 digits are the ones you want to change It is ideal to only change one digit each time you want a new WAN. In case this process does not work for your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you will want to change it back to what it was before Before: 94-B6, After: 84-B6 Wait about 1 minute, or until your internet is disconnected Next, unplug your Modem first, then your Router after Wait another minute or two after unplugging, so that your Internet Service Provider is notified of your disconnection Now, plug back in your equipment Leave your computer at this window / page the whole time, and until everything is rebooted New WAN (: If your internet hasn’t connected by now, change the MAC Address back to what it was before, your ISP hates you (;


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