How to Build & Design a Website : Website Layout & Design Tips

Hello this is Rick Kennedy for Expert Village
and now we are going to sit down and do our layout. As you can see this is a basic layout
of a site that we are doing for KK Contoure this is the first installment of her site.
So what we did we did a real light layout of what the site is going to be. Right here
as you can tell here that is the banner, that is the banner with the links that we are going
have on site. That is for the particular home page and at the bottom of the home page it
has her for the email link. On the side over here this is where the buttons that we made
for the home button, products button and contact us page. Then from here you see this is the
basic, this is the body of our site that we are going to use and that is going to show
our first page, what image we are going to have in here. From there is a link to the
product page the product page has the images or what we are going to have, also it has
drop boxes that we are designing and that is for the different sizes for particular
on the shirts they are going to have. That is also the product page. Right here this
is the information for the company and that is also linked to the first page here and
that is linked here. That is linked also
to that button there and that is all the information about the company, it’s address and it’s email


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