How The Meg Should Have Ended

Ooooh… what do we have here?? You’re the next contestant’s on my — OH COME ON!! Uh guys, it’s still following us. Don’t worry, I’ve got it all taken care of. Tracker ready sir! Fire on your command! Oh now I know you’re not just gonna track it! You’re killing it right?! Ahhahaha… yeah. Just use the depth charges. Copy that. I mean I was going to save them for later. But now’s fine… I guess. Woo hoo! YEAH!! Eeeeewwwww! Yes. What is it? General, there is a giant prehistoric shark headed toward one of your beaches. You have to help us destroy it! Really?! You expect me to believe such a ridiculous story?! I figured you’d say that. Take a look at all the proof we have. *GASP* I know. What?! I know. This thing? There you go. … is in the ocean?? Just let it all out. Right now! Oh and we’ve got witnesses too! He’s telling the truth! We all gonna die. Holy crap you guys, let’s go!!! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM Uh oh. Oh NUTS. And stay dead! Fin bump! Okay I’m gonna eat you now. Hey hey they did it! Man, we didn’t have to do a thing. HI. Hi! Uh, this isn’t good. A little help? You just tried to eat me! No, no I didn’t! Yes you did! I was just showing you the inside of my mouth. I’m telling! MOM!!!


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