Honest Government Ad | Article 13 (Internet Censorship Bill)

Bonjour, I’m from the European Union Do you love the Internet?
Isn’t it totes amaze? Naw, look at that doggo
And the kids learning on Wikipedia What about sharing the “maymays”? You like that eh? Well fuck you then – coz we are about to replace
the Internet with a brand new experience… The Filternet To bring you the Filternet, we’ve introduced
Article 13 into the copyright reform legislation about to be voted on in the European Parliament If passed, we will install a filter to scan
all content for possible copyright violations before you can upload it online Experts warn this could this bring down the
whole Internet as we know it But hey, if it makes our friends richer, we
think that’s a fair price to pay FILTERNET! Meet your friendly new AI filter –
or “Phil”, for short Phil is a dumb motherfucker who cannot distinguish
actual copyright infringements from legitimate content such as commentary, criticism or parody Which means if you’re a youtuber trying
to commentate the news, or parody a song or a shitposter trying to keep the Internet weird,
Phil will be like… “Computer Says No” This fuck-shit will be particularly annoying
for anyone working on collaborative projects like Wikipedia and GitLab, which Phil will
go full Infinity War on. Oh and Phil is expensive: so start-ups will
find it hard to comply with Article 13 and the Internet will be even more dominated by these guys Our friends in the US have already helped
bring this about by killing net neutrality and replacing their Internet with the Shitternet So now it’s time to destroy Europe’s Internet… with FILTERNET! The best thing about Phil is that he can be
reprogrammed to filter, not just copyright violations but other things too – you know,
like… whatever we don’t like! Which means unless you call your MEPs and
stop them from passing Article 13 we’ll be building a censorship apparatus that will
fart in the general direction of free speech FILTERNET! Because here at the European Union
we love Uniting people And Article 13 is bringing everyone together,
from the left and the right to stop us from fucking the Internet Filternet! Authorised by the Ministry of No Maymays


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