homemade 4g LTE speed booster ||LTE speed booster|| speed increased 50% || with proof

greetings friends welcome to our youtube channel today we will learn how to boost and stabalize the speed of 3g 4g and lte we will learn the whole process step by step before starting, If this is your first visit at our channel, I request you to kindly subscribe to our channel If you liked any video, kindly hit the like button. and if you have any suggestion, please feel free to comment. So, before we start, have a quick look at the items needed curve it down i have curved it prepare your glue if you have mixture type glue you may prefer any type of glue just keep in mind, it must be permanent now take the alluminium foil and the copper foil if you need free high quality copper foil, check the description for video link cut and paste the alluminium foil at the outer surface of the curved sheet after pasting the alluminium foil, let it dry now cover the edges with tape to make it safe apply glue on the inner side of the sheet now paste the copper foil at both ends of sheet leaving middle portion blank now cut the copper foil into square shape and paste athe the centre of the inner surface of the sheet after you have pasted the foil, draw spikes with marker as shown cut out the marked foil in such a way that both spikes are not in contact with each other just as shown in video solder the contacts at both ends now contact one end of copper foil to one end of alluminium foil again sheild the openings with tape so that they become safe the booster is almost ready you can see our booster is ready place your router at the centre of booster for good grip, i am using dual sided adhesive tape it is ready, we will test it but as here is no network we will test it at the place where there is good signal so you may see, we have one router and smart phone we place the router at any place i am using this app for speed test before testing let me show that there is only one wifi hotspot which is connected to my phone and here we go for first test without homemade booster ping result is here download test is running download test is also finished running upload test and the results are shown you can see the ping is 718 milli seconds download speed is 3.7 mbps and upload speed is 0.7 mbps fair speed without booster now lets test with router attached to booster we place the booster at same place where router was placed prior we place the router at the centre of the booster now we turn the speed test on ping test results are so speed test results are here ping is 92 milliseconds which is good enough download speed is 4.8 mbps which means speed is boosted by about 1 mbps and upload speed is 0.9 mbps which means upload speed boosted to 0.2mbps let me show you that still now the router is at same place and there is no trick only one wifi device is connected to the phone here are the analytics of boost progress SO FRIENDS, HOPE YOU ENJOYED WATCHING THE VIDEO I AGAIN REEQUEST TO SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE INFORMATIVE VIDEOS. KEEP SUPPORTING US BY HITTING THE LIKE BUTTON I WILL BE BACK WITH SOMETHING NEW SOMETHING CREATIVE PROJECT. TILL THEN.. BE SAFE TAKE CARE , THANKOY FOR WATCHING TOUCH THE CHANNEL ICON TO SUBSCRIBE


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