Home WiFi Makeover with Netgear Orbi – AWFUL to AWESOME!!

[Music] Hi guys! Welcome to switched-on Network, I’m
@paulfp and I’m here at the home of my good friends Laura and John who have some terrible
Wi-Fi issues and in this video we’re going to do a home Wi-Fi makeover to – hopefully
– take their home Wi-Fi from awful to awesome with the Netgear Orbi. So, let’s come inside! [Logo / Stinger] This video is made possible by the good folk
at Skillshare. They’re giving away two free months of unlimited access to online classes
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video, or you can click the link in the video description right now! So here we are in John’s kitchen, this is
my friend John, so, John – what’s up with your Wi-Fi, what’s the problem what’re you
hoping we’re gonna be able to do? [John:] Our Wi-Fi drops out frequently with
the signal and Laura likes to stream exercise DVDs and videos and mid-point through her
sessions there’s always an outcry [Laura: argh! C’mon!] as the streamings pauses all
stops and she has to restart her exercise. [Paul:] Yeah, and that’s not good! And what’s
your internet connection to your house like? You’ve got good internet haven’t you, is it
just the WiFi that’s bad? [John:] Yeah, no, so the the provider’s
good we’re with Virgin Media and there’s no problems we’ve complained to them and they
say there are no faults with the delivery it is the Wi-Fi throughout the house. [Paul:] So Laura and John hear their provider’s
Virgin Media and they’re on the 50 megabit a second package, but what speeds are you
actually getting around your house on Wi-Fi, John? [John:] Throughout the house the signal speed
fluctuates quite, um, significantly in this kitchen area, in the living room we generally
get full speed but upstairs in the guest room and more so inJessica’s bedroom, the signal
drops down completely and to virtually non-existent. [Paul:] Oh right, so it’s really really poor
then! [John:] Yes well it’s just not there, so it’s
non-existent! So we tend to if it’s the mobile phones we use the provider that we’re with. [Paul:] So they’re just ending up switching
over to their, their 4G package and not using the Wi-Fi at all which is crazy when you consider
that got a good high-speed internet connection to the house! Well what I’ve brought for you
today John it’s the Netgear Orbi. This is a whole home Wi-Fi system… now if you’re
subscribed to Switched On Network you’ll have already seen my full review of this if you’ve
not watched that already if you click the I just in the corner up there you’ll be able
to see my full review of the Netgear Orbi. Now what this is, it’s a Wi-Fi mesh system
that’s a bit different from having Wi-Fi extenders and without getting into too much detail the
reason it’s different is because this has a dedicated high-speed wireless link from
the satellite which’ll be going upstairs back to your router which shall be in your
living room so rather than it just trying to take an existing signal and amplify out
and resend it which uses up half of the Wi-Fi for talking back to your router this is actually
a completely different way of working that and it actually has a “wireless wire”,
if you like, between the two, talking. Another advantage of using a mesh system like
this is you’ll just have one Wi-Fi name around the whole house even though you’ve got two
different access points and you can even add additional access points around the house
or in the garden if you want to as well. And another advantage is it merges in your 5GHz
and your 2.4GHz networks, obviously your 5GHz network is better for speed but it doesn’t
go as far, whereas your 2.4GHz network is better for distance but isn’t as fast. With
this, it’ll just decide which is the best of your devices to connect to, so, errr… [John:] Sounds great! [Paul:] Yeah let’s get this set up! [John:] Sorted! [Music] So this is the Orbi set that we’re going to
be installing in Laura and John’s house, so this is your router, you can tell which is
the router because it’s blue on the top there and it’s also got a yellow port on there which
is what is gonna plug into his modem. So this is gonna go downstairs and replace his current
router which will just be used as a modem and this is what’s gonna go upstairs so they’ll
talk to each other wirelessly and hopefully provide full strength full speed Wi-Fi all
over the house! So before we get started unpacking and setting
up the Netgear Orbi we’re going to do a quick before test to have a look at the speeds around
the house before we get it all installed, so we can do a nice “before and after”.
I’m here in the kitchen/diner where Laura’s streaming Studios Sweat On Demand on her bike
there, and we’re just going to do a test to see what speed we’re getting… so remember
the speed of the Internet to the house is 50 megabits a second so let’s see how much
of that we get… just going to do a speed test here… [Music] So they were getting 2.29 megabits a second
down here when they’re on a 50meg package which is obviously terrible so let’s go and
have a look in the rest of the house and see what speeds they’re getting [Music] So here we are in the living room right next
to the Wi-Fi router let’s see what sort of speeds we’re getting in here [Music] Only thirteen… thirteen point two down even
when we’re stood right by the router which is terrible! Upstairs in the kids bedroom
now, speeds we’re getting in here… it’s not even connecting… struggling to even
get us anything here… error! Try once more? See if it’ll do it [Music] Nope! Give up! So it’s not even working at
all, no Wi-Fi in the kids’ bedroom… let’s have a look in the master bedroom. In the
master bedroom, so if you want to use your phone in bed at night, or if you want to stream
something on the telly in here, how we looking? So here we’re directly above the router so
you’d expect to get a better speed, and we’re getting hmm, about 15 ish? maybe…
up to nearly 20 so that might be good enough for some things to work but especially when
other family members start using it, that’s gonna go down pretty quickly! Last of all
we’ll check in the guest bedroom. So here in the guest bedroom, absolutely no Wi-Fi
at all, it’s just not even connecting… nothing at all! So I think we can definitely say that this
house’s Wi-Fi is awful, let’s go and try and turn it to awesome with the Netgear Orbi!
Let’s go downstairs and get started! So the Wi-Fi router’s behind the telly here,
so we’re going to move the telly out the way to get started. [Music] So depending on the router that you have from
your service provider, you might be able to set it to “modem only mode”. The service
provider here is Virgin Media and you can do that on these routers so that it becomes
just a modem and all of the router and Wi-Fi facilities are turned off, because that’s
going to be being done by the Orbi. So on your laptop, the address you’ll go to is normally or it might be .1.1; check your router for more details! Now if you’re asked
for a password to log into your router that’s normally gonna be on the back or on the bottom…
in this case it’s on the bottom here, so I’ll pop that password in… Obviously this will
be different depending on what router you’ve got, but you need to look for something along
the lines of “modem mode” or “modem-only mode”. On this one here it’s just, there
modem mode, and I’m just gonna select enable modem mode, apply changes on there. So that’s
going to reboot the router and it’s going to become just a modem, not a modem and Wi-Fi
router in one. Now that we’re in modem only mode we can unplug all of the other cables…
from the modem. Now generally speaking it will just be one of these which will be active
now and all the others will be inactive on this one it’s the bottom one number 4 which
is going to stay active the top three won’t be in use at all anymore so that’s where we
going to connect our Orbi. So the next thing to do, is let’s go and get
the the Orbi router and start to get it configured! They give you one ethernet cable in the box…
this is going to connect your modem – which is just a modem now – into the router. [Music] Your modem connects into the yellow port on
the router that’s labeled Internet. Then let’s get the power plugged in. So we’re going to
install the Orbi app let’s go to the Play Store search for Orbi. So I open up the Orbi app, say yes to all
the permissions, tap on get started. I have to create a Netgear account… okay on this
screen we’ve got “do you need to install a new router?” Yes… so that will take
us to the setup. Now it’s dead easy to do we can just scan that QR code that’s on the
top of the router there… allow it to use the camera on your phone and it’s literally
just place that on there – success – it’s saying to unplug the internet modem, yeah
we’ve done all that… “Connect your Orbi” already done that! So the next thing is to position the satellite,
that’s going to go upstairs, so we’re going to get an install that now. So in terms of
placement of your satellite you want it close enough to your main router so that they can
talk to each other but you also want it in nice and centrally so that all parts of upstairs
can get a good strong Wi-Fi signal. Here, the first place we’re going to try it is up
on this bookshelf here, so let’s move that out the way [Music] So here we’ve got the satellite all plugged
in and set up and you’ll see the light starts to flash on top to show that it’s powering
up and looking for the router downstairs. So once we’ve positioned the satellite press
next in the app and then the app’s just going to look for the satellite. “Orbi network
detected”, it’s detected the cables are all connected, it’s detected the Internet’s
there, it’s found the satellite. So now it’s essentially all set up and Orbi
is all active but the next thing we’re gonna do is just personalise those settings because
you don’t want to obviously use the default username and password for your Wi-Fi! So if
you press next on here… so we’ll set our own Wi-Fi network name and password and continue
on there… go next… so after a while all of your setup and firmware updates and everything
are done: “update successful”, tap on next… And your Orbi is now configured! So now that the Orbi is all set up and configured
it’s time to go and do the speed tests around the house to see how much of a difference
it’s made! Before we do that though I want to give a very quick shout-out to this video’s
sponsor Skillshare. Skillshare is like an online learning platform a bit like a “Netflix
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too. Thank you! So stood here in the living room, where we
previously didn’t get a very good Wi-Fi speed even stood right next to the router… let’s
see what speed we’re getting when we connect to the Orbi! There we are, so you can see
we’re getting a much better Wi-Fi speed 48, 49 so we’re pretty much getting our full
internet connection speed through the Wi-Fi now which is of course what you want when
you’re paying for that! Let’s go and have a look around the rest of the house and see
what speeds we get in there. In the kitchen/diner area where we were having
trouble streaming for the exercise videos [Music] There we are, look at that… so we’re still
getting the full speed of Wi-Fi that we’re paying for here! That’s excellent, so now
let’s go and try the the bedrooms upstairs where we got *no* Wi-Fi at all, and see what
we’re getting there! [Music] Now when we come upstairs and we’re obviously
much nearer to the satellite that we’ve got installed here, the phone will seamlessly
switch to use that as its Wi-Fi instead so if we come into the kids’ bedroom… remember
this is where we’ve got absolutely no Wi-Fi whatsoever, before, it wouldn’t work at all.
Now we’ve got the Orbi set up, the speed we’re getting… look at that! 20… 28…. 30!
Much, much better! Obviously we’re a little bit away, we’ve got a wall between us and
the satellite, but we’re still getting 30 Meg which is perfectly usable! Let’s go and
have a look in the guest bedroom… sat on the bed in the guest bedroom, let’s see what
we get here… look at that, excellent! 30… 35… much faster Wi-Fi speed than before,
well it actually works! It didn’t even work before! So we’ve taken Lauren John’s home Wi-Fi from
“awful to awesome”, but the question is John, have you now got a happy wife?! Shall
we go and have a look?! Is it working, Laura?
[Laura:] Seems to be working, So far so good!! [Paul:] So there we are, all sorted! Happy
with that, John? What do you think? [John:] Yeah brilliant we’ll have much happier
guests and a happier young lady in her room! [Paul:] Excellent, yeah, glad to hear it!
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