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– Hello there and
welcome, I’m Bob Proctor. I want to talk to you about
teaching paradigms to children. And listen, I think we’re
growing up with the idea, well, they’re just little
kids, what do they know. Now, the truth is they know quite a bit and they should know a whole
lot more and they could if we had a different
way of looking at things. I think maybe it’s us, the grown ups, that have to shift the
attitude a little bit. I really believe children are much smarter than we give them credit for. I love the way Madame Montessori put it. She said, you know, we
send children to school like they’re an empty cup
and we expect the school to fill the cup. The truth is the cup’s already full and the school’s
responsibility is to help them draw out all this knowledge. Our spiritual DNA is perfect. Well, if you can teach a little child three and four languages at the same time, and we’re doing that all the time. I had an associate of
mine over in Kuala Lumpur that had a little boy
at four years of age, he could speak four languages. They thought nothing of it. Children learn whatever
they’re surrounded by. So let’s teach them about paradigms. Let’s show them how they’ve
actually been programmed to act the way they’re acting and provoke them to
think and ask themselves, is this going to do what I want it to do? Is it going to give the
result I want to get? Show them what a paradigm is, show them that it’s a program
in their subconscious mind that it was genetic, it’s
programed right in at birth, and then in their environment after birth. And let’s give them credit
for being able to understand what we’re talking about. Now for you to teach what
paradigm is to a child, you’re going to have to
understand it yourself. So I’m going to ask you to check into it, find out what a paradigm is. We’ve got lots of information. We got it right here in
YouTube that explains it. So give it some thought. We’re going to teach the
children what paradigms are, how to help build their own paradigm to live the free life that
God intended them to live. You see, I believe we’re all
hard wired to do something great with our life. I never found that out
until I was 26 years old. And I was just beginning
to hear about it then. I’ve never stopped studying, I’ve been so fascinated with it. Let’s get it across to the little kids. They’ll get it if we’ve
got the right attitude towards teaching it. It’s Bob Proctor, thank you. I hope you enjoyed this video. We put a lot of good information up here and it causes everything
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