Great Way to Connect Your Old TV to your PC / Internet

welcome to tech-tips zero this is isaiah’s
week-end project today i’m going to show you how to
install a VGA to Video adapter before we start you’ll need please an RCA video cable
this will come with the adapter usb power cable this will also come
with the adapter a laptop and he should have one of theese the VGA to Video adapter you can click in
the top right hand corner to purchase the VGA cable this will also come
with the adapter and that power plug I recommend you use
this if you don’t you can use your computer’s
usb instead first you’ll get the computer booted up as you see i’m already done next you get more p_g_a_ cable and you plug tizzy computer valujet d actual b_g_h_ video adapter and club the uh… that other v_g_a_ ended app the part that says uh… nije now tip now i’m going to be sent for the
next step not plugged in everything down there and then went to resets so we can seem to see what’s going on up here now i need to plugging the uh… power two-tiered bt to video adapter and i’m sending this site now and getting our own and laga i’ve seen jack puke and five billion to video out annexed amount elaine plugging in cleveland too ninety three and i’m going to turn me t money and now i need to veterans and how it works it looks pretty nice our quality is prejudging and now i’m going to pru prove it to you
by playing a video from you too c it does work signings accent thing as it does rate here it’s on this shows you exactly how you
can what you need to do to incite p_g_a_
adapt fourth to test your computer to the t_v_ that’s it for this tutorial see you next

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