Government Broadband Matters video

In the Iowa judicial branch we are moving to an electronic filing system. Files will
be electronic across the state. We are currently about 67 percent electronic. In doing that
we need large pipes. Broadband is the answer to that.
It will make us more efficient- less paper, less files means we won’t be buying as much
paper, we won’t be buying printers as frequently the electronic process moves those files through
between counties, change of venue, up to the appellate court. Again with broadband we can
do it more efficiently. I think eventually trials may be held by video. You have an expert
witness and they are allowing them to testify by video they can do that because of the broadband
access to the remote counties. Parties to the case can see their own personal
information at home. You can’t look at someone else’s unless you are actually a party.
So it’s more private. You can review your own papers from home. You’re not standing
in a courthouse in a crowded room where other people are listening to your story that maybe
you don’t want them to hear. Self represented litigants can file from home, they can get
it serviced back electronically, they don’t have to have it in the mail they aren’t
running to the post office or courthouse to pay fines for example they can pay those online
and it just makes everything more efficient. It’s just like anything else. If you want
to buy something and you can find it on Amazon and you live in Lyon County for example and
you don’t want to drive to Des Moines to a major store for example you don’t have
to. You can get it delivered to your doorstep. The same function happens with government
services. You can renew your license online, you can pay fines online many of those things
are not available unless you have broadband available in those remote areas.

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