You think this is funny? *CHURCH BELLS* You think this is funny, huh? *BELLS AGAIN* Okay! I see how it is. *MORE BELLS* I’m not the Kazoo Kid! Damn it! ;( *Sad Song* Kazoo Kid : Hi! Kazoo Kid : Wait a minute.. How does he act so good?! He’s a-he’s be- He’s a better actor than I could ever dream of being! Kazoo Kid : Who ARE you? Oh my god… *suspenseful music* I am talking to myself in the past… It’s me.. I mean it’s You.. Kazoo Kid : I’ll tell you a Secret. Kazoo Kid : Sometimes I get a little… Pewds and Kazoo Kid : Quiet.. Oh my God! OH MY GOD We already are… *Pewds plays flute* *Pewds Plays flute* Song : Let’s all play together! Song : Together, let’s play along! Kaaaaaa-zoooo!! *Kids playing a Kazoo* *Pewds joins in* *RIP HEADPHONE USERS* I don’t care anymore, okay? Just know that that’s not me! Okay? That’s not what we’re doing here today! Today we’re going to check out a game called : Google.EXE And I thought : “Hey, it’s been a weird year for YouTube, so why don’t we check this out?” Wow that looks JUST like the site! Now if you’re not familiar with .EXE games Do you-BOII do you have a lot of fun in front of you Cuz this is- Hold-hold-hold your, fuck you Alright, let’s google PewDiePie Enter “Sorry it’s not found” Okay well that’s a fucking lie, you fail there “Google update” “WELCOME TO GOOGLE NIGHTMARE PAGE” Ohhhhh god What is it gonna take me… *Creepy Music* Oh no… Ohhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo ;( Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can just- I can just move it out of frame and… Open the mixer… And then mute it- awhhhh nuu That’s such an inconvenience Shouldn’t have done that… This-is this what happens everytime I upload a video about YouTube? Wait a minute, what is this? *EAR RAPE FOR HEADPHONE USERS* “…have been unsubscribed from channels that they’ve” “been previously subcribed to” “What’s up with that?” “We’ve heard those reports and we take
this feedback SO seriously” ( Liars! ) PPFFFFFTTTT! Hah- What just happened? “YouTube doesn’t unsubcribe people from channels” “Subscribing is a core part of the YouTube experience” “And that’s really the mission of our whole team, is to make that experience better” “We’ve actually looked at over 100 individual cases” I see what you’re saying but that’s just a lie, isn’t it? You want pe-more people-le-you want people to watch- stay on YouTube You want people to watch more videos… So you can get more ads. That has nothing to do with subscriber feature! I know YouTube couldn’t care less. “And so far we haven’t been able to find any underlying glitch” (Pewds getting TRIGGERED) ( Thinking what should he say in the video) “You’re calling us liars…” *laughing* ‘Tmartn’s apology video is more believable than this” *Pewds laughs* Although I do wanna say I think it’s great! I appreciate this video. I really think it’s great that they made it. I know- I hope they don’t get discouraged by this. Okay, how about “I’m feeling lucky”? “Good for you :)” How about we go to YouTube? “This video’s not working” Wait a minute… no… No… NO…. NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN PLEASE, I CAN’T- AGH NOT THE SOUND ANYTHING BUT THE SOUUUND AGHHHHHHHHHH *Starts dancing* *Buzzer sound* This game is really a true horror game.. Let’s try that again! “Okay so I know I’m not one of those perfect vegans, I-” AGHHHHH What happened now? Oh great.. This is the best game. Who the fuck are all those people? Is it really though? *Some crappy music starts up* “This song, is made for you!” “Made for Yooouuuu..” Okey .-. Wait what is this? re- YouTube Rewind? Who’s that? Who’s that? I know those guys! ( Dan and Phill ) Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? That’s Tom I dont know Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Oh! That’s Casey!!! *Water Pours* I mean I hate to keep ripping into Lilly Singh… But am I the only one that sees wha-sees the… Um.. Sees something else? Okay? I don’t- Did no one during the production just stop and say, like: “Hey, maybe it’d be weird for a flood to come underneath her skirt?” Mmmm, hmmm just me?? Maybe that’s a *laugh* that’s a weird thing to do?! I don’t know! Okay? *laughter* I think this year’s seriously lacked Jimmy Fallon It needs more Jimmy Fallon… All you had to do was type: Google.EXE Let’s try that. Oh my god! We found the end of the website! Google- Okay : “Do NOT Click!” “or else…” *clicks* “You shouldn’t have done that….” Oh my god. I am freaking out. I am so scared *forgets he muted the sound* This is the worst video of all fucking time. I want more Lazy Town and I want more Bee Movie memes suggested to me! Oh wait here they are, I love it! “Are you a real villain?” “This Villian is mine” Hilarious. That is absolutely hilarious. “YouTube Rewind but every time it’s cringy…” *remix of vomiting* Max : Agghhh Fuck my Life! ;( I wonder if my part was cringy? A lot of people said my part was cringy! Please Max, do not cringe at me! Has anyone thrown up on YouTube more than Max?? Jeeesus! No cringe, no cringe! “Help me!” *laughter* It’s funny cuz it’s true *laughs* “I’m so fucking tired” “Look at this FACE!” “Look how sad he is!” Past Pewds: “We’re back on square one YouTube” Past Pewds: “Bravo” Past Pewds: “Bravo” Past Pewds: “You did it” “Is this how it’s gonna be now?” Past Pewds: “I’ll just have to make a video every time there’s a problem” Past Pewds: “‘Cause otherwise no one gives a shit” Yea…No one cares anyway Felix. Don’t worry about it Well, you know, maybe this hasn’t been the best year of all years, But I think, I think sometimes you gotta take a few steps back to go forward! And we- probably took more than a few. *laughs* But it means we got all this clear ground to go forward. I feel confident that 2017 is gonna be a much better year for YouTube! Hey, go back 28-20 let’s go back t-let’s Song : “Let’s all play together!” Next year I’ll react to this video! And we’ll see if things have improved! I hope so, and I feel confident that it will.. From what I can tell, YouTube seems more responsive, They wanna make a change, It’s kinda like they just don’t know how yet.. But I think they will figure it out! And I have good faith that they will. :3 So I hope all this uh- you know this is all just for fun. Okay? YouTube, please do not delete my channel! ;( I-that was a joke! I don’t wanna actually delete it, thank you! It’s easy to get over-dramatic when it comes to YouTube. ‘Cause everything, erm, so many people use it And we all love it and we all care about it I think I used to keep so many of my frustrations in And try and just look past it And just move forward I’m not down with that anymore Clearly I’m not And I think that’s why there’s been so much of me ranting about it this year I wanna see change, I want it to be better I care about YouTube and I care about what happens I think talking about it is the best way to make it happen It looks like they finally fixed the comment thing, for example I don’t see myself in there anymore, like the fake comments! “You could have one name per person” “There could not be 2 PewDiePies” “Only one” “Who thought it was a good idea…” “To let that be a thing?” It seems like they finally figured it out And I, you know, I take that as a great thing I see that as a great win For-for us creators and I appreciate that YouTube made a change for that And I hope that they will respond to… whatever is left Which seems to be a lot Here’s.. Here’s to a… Can we add a glass? A fancy glass? How about some whiskey? Hey… Here’s to-for a better… …YouTube 2017 ♫WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS?♫ Alright if you enjoyed that video check out this one This is a really great one! I think you’re gonna love this one. It’s the best one! I love it. Why don’t you click on it? See what happens! Ohh maybe it turns blue? It turns blue if you click on it! What?!


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