Getting Started with Python – Intro to Computer Science

Now is time to get started programming in Python. For this class, you don’t need to install any software. You can run your Python programs directly
using the web browser. After the video finishes, you’ll see a window that looks like this that you can use to write and execute Python code. In the top part, which we call the editor, you can enter Python code. For example, we’ll enter the code print 3. Print is the Python command that prints something out after the print we have and expression and the value of that expression is what gets printed. This could be a simple thing like the number 3. It can also be a more complicated expression,
doing some arithmetic. We write our code up here, when we click run… … it will run the code, we’ll see the output. And here, the first line ran and printed 3. The second line printed the result of
this computation which is 101, if you don’t believe me you can try it yourself. We’ll talk lots more about Python expressions soon but I think you actually know enough now to already be able to write your first program.
So it’s time for the first programming quizz.

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