Finding Love On An Anime Dating Website

*Phone ringing* Hello? This is the guy off FAKKU! As you can probably guess I’m quite single if it wasn’t obvious by my videos. So when I saw that my friends Aki and Joey, you know made this video on I thought “Well, I have to find love on here.” So I spent eight hours Yesterday on FAKKU dating and I had some interesting conversations in some really interesting situations I got myself into, so let’s see what happened. Let’s take you on the journey of what happens when a single man tries to desperately pick up women on FAKKU dating. What does my life become? Even though I knew I was doing this for a video and that it was gonna be silly I still kind of felt embarrassed that I was on there, so my first few conversations Were a little trolly maybe, You know I might may have thrown in a few jokes there about their likes, or my likes and… Yeah, so that didn’t really go anywhere. So then I figured “Okay Connor you need to start trying your A Game, bring up all the cringy Pickup lines just just to hammer them with love and – and the cringy pickup lines and you can come up with and you’ll probably get A woman right who wants to talk to you more because you Googled pickup lines” That’s how this works, right? Right? Hobbies? You ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Conner you smooth fuck) I asked you first. Oh. Shit now that joke doesn’t really go well does it? Laugh out loud come on. Tell me. What are your hobbies? Erm, I don’t know. Really?! Do you get out of your house? No. Why? Too much Hentai, and I’m a Minecraft YouTuber. Too little time? Oh cool What’s your name? Connor. You? Paz. What’s your YouTuber name? Akidearest. No way. Yes way. That can’t be you. Oh, it’s me. Prove it. How? I don’t know. Let me think, you can’t be Aki you’re from England. On the FAKKU dating it says what country you’re from, so she knew I was from the UK. and my name is Connor. And she still sort of believed that I was Aki for a moment. Let that sink in. Nah, I’m visiting England. You know me. Sure, you are. Then she blocked me. Why’d you block me we had true lov–?! Speaking of Akidearest here’s a conversation narrated by Akidearest and myself. Enjoy, bye! *Aki clears her throat, and maybe regrets this a little* Okay, let’s do this. Girl. I will do whatever it takes. I will buy you as many kinder eggs as the world holds. Guess. Give it a try how old I might be Eleven. Haha You seem to be a good flutter haha, I really might be 11 or I might be 16 also She’s fucking creepy, dude *laughs* I was born a natural flutter. I hope you’re over 16 or the FBI will track you down! Make sure you use incognito mode. Yeah, dude. Well your avatar is cool. Are you as cool as him? It’s actually me in real life except less handsome, cooler. Okay cool people stay calm and are smart. I am very smart. I have watched all of Rick and Morty, two times. Oh really haha okay. Girl, I will rock your world with my above-average intelligence and questionable financial situation. You seem to be like James Bond and Robert Downey’s fan I am a big fan of Robert Drownys *Connor chuckles* He is my waifu. He’s my favorite Hollywood actor. Mine is jacksepticeye Okay. Favorite Hentai? No one. yours? No one? I haven’t heard of that one. Means no one. Not a single one. You are on FAKKU. But there’s not the one which I can say is my fave. Okay, which ones do you like? You tell first, your fave. Black Butler. You? Same here. Bible Black also. Yeah totally, I love Jesus. Your interests? Don’t say Hentai comics now, cuz I know that. Loving my friends and family, watching anime, Being alone and wondering if the reason I have no friends is because I pushed them all away before allowing them to play a bigger part of my life because I’m scared of them letting me down. Yeah common interests as mine. Yeah, I can understand that. Aki: Feel free to go wild with this audio. *strange wet mouth sounds* It wasn’t going well. I was failing left right and center, no one would talk to me seriously, everyone thought I was a JOKE! I couldn’t get anyone to even remotely consider me as a serious male partner, but then – my luck started changing. And we started hitting it off so eventually after long enough of being cringy and using terrible pick-up lines, one person was willing to stick around and chat with me. Here’s how that went. Heeey. Hey! How you doooin’? Good. Just trying to find the woman of my dreams. You? On FAKKU? Obviously trying to find a love of my life on a hentai website. Yeah, it’s a long shot, but what else is a man to do? Fair enough lmao So what does a man have to do to get those digits? Perform like a superstar. Boy, I can perform like nothing else. I can sing Take On Me in a questionable tune. Is that so? Hmm Keep your panties on. I know, it’s impressive Yeah, you almost snatched them away, damn. So what’s your name superstar? Connor, but you can call me CDawg. You? Niccccce. I’m Nicole, but you can call me, uhhhh, Nicole is fine. Nicole is a dope name. Wow, what an interesting emoji! What can I say. I’m a man of great taste. A man of culture for sure. You bet, only Henti for me. Of course. So what are you up to CDawg? I’m just talking to a hottie from DEUTSCHLAND! You? Oh lmao who might that be? *ding* Watching Netflix. I’d let you share my account. Wow what an honour! Only for the girl of my dreams. Lol suuuure. So what’s a guy gotta do to get those digits? I still haven’t heard you perform boy. Yeah, we can do it on call if you want. I’ll sing it live for you. Ahhh, no, no I hate a phone calls lmao. They made me feel uncomfortable af. I’ll soothe your soul with my singing. Hahaha right. How old are you by the way? 21. You? Ooooohhh 20 Lol. But soon 2 1. Oh shit, it’s almost as if the stars are aligning. Ha, nah. Miss me with that cringe shit. But you are the one. Aaah, no, I’m not hahaha But I think so. What’s your favorite number? Mine’s yours. Ugh! The cringe! You can’t spell cringe without love. You can’t spell cringe without cill me haaa You should face it, as in my Facebook profile. Who TF is using FB? My parents. I use xhamster more to be honest. Aye, only the finest pages for a fine boy. Only the finest boys for the finest girls Hahaha, Ah yee So what the guy gotta do to get that Snapchat? Stop using cringe sentences and emojis Lel But it’s the best way to express myself. Aaahh, well, your loss lol Okay, I’ll change it for you if I must. For that Snapchat. I’m joking. well, give me your username *Connor kills Take On Me like the meme lord he is* So I just started killing it! I was getting numbers left, right, and center, Snapchat you name it I was getting all of it And I don’t even know how! I was just being cringy! For some reason the Americans were very keen to share their number with me. This person literally gave me that number Instantly and I’m not even sure why. Like… Why? Why, did you do that? Even I was confused. I thought something was fishy now that you gave me it so easily I met a lovely individual who also liked booty and similar games to me. We started hitting it off. It was going great We added each other on Snapchat. You know we were just chatting back and forth it was it was really nice. You know it’s all going well, and then she didn’t reply to me when I sent her this picture of me saying that she should go and support me on patreon. I don’t think she liked that. Support me on patreon by the way! It allows me to do stupid shit like this, thank you. And then I had this really really… Regretful conversation. We got their numbers instantly. Yes, two numbers! She even gave me her friend’s number! I don’t know why. And she was like “oh you’re not gonna call it”, and I was like setting up all my equipment I was like “shit! I’m gonna call this person and film it” so you know I see their numbers. I call them up and… and this happened. Fucking, just, roll the clip, roll the clip! *Phone ringing* Hello? This is the guy off FAKKU! No, it’s pronounced “Faa-coo” Hi, hi, so when are we going on our date? You know. *Silent scream of regret* Fuck! *Laughter* No! You weren’t supposed to know! Ahhh! No! *Laughter* No! Who did you think was gonna call you? When you gave up your number? I don’t know what to say now. I wasn’t expecting anyone to know I was. *Laughter* Yeah…I know, I know. Wow, I’m glad you think so. I — *Laughter* Bye! She knew. Oh my god. So, yeah they knew who I was. So that was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better and, FUCK. So we moved on to the next person and…. This was…. Arguably the weirdest one I had. So after awhile I got kind of sick and tired of hitting on people instantly and so I just went to just chat. And I chatted with this person for a while they were very nice. So you know they gave me their discord, and we added each other – I made a new discord account by the way But you should totally join the CDawgVA discord server It’s really great – anyway, so after we added we were speaking, and I would just immediately suggest that we should hop in a call. So I set up my filming equipment and whatnot and I was like we should call. And then she said that she was in a call with her boyfriend. So I insisted that she add me to the call and… For whatever reason she did. She added me to a call – With her boyfriend. A guy she just met off So here’s what happened. Girl: Shit Connor: Yo, what up? Hi, can you guys hear me? Girl: This is, yeah. This is great. I’m a genius. *laughing*
Connor: Are you guys just awkward? Connor: I feel sorry for your boyfriend. He’s probably very uncomfortable. Girl: Oh, yeah, definitely. Connor: You’re a – you’re a mean girlfriend *laughter* So, why were you on FAKKU dating if you have a boyfriend? You lied to me. Girl: What was I doing on the dating site? Connor: I was– I was looking for true love. What is this? Girl: *laughing* Connor: I mean I’ll take, I’ll take two people to true love, but you know I was–I was kind of looking for one, you know? I’m sure I think Harley’s taking a liking to me. Girl: I do too. I think he likes you. Connor: I think he like he likes British men. I didn’t actually expect you guys to call me. Girl: I didn’t think — Connor: I would answer? Girl: This was gonna happen, but I’m enjoying this thoroughly
Connor: *losing it* Connor: Hello, how are you doing? *muffled conversation* Connor: How are you doing Harley? Connor: Huh? I was — I was trying to see if your girlfriend was interested in marriage, but I don’t think so. Girl: No, I’m not. Connor: Harley, would you accept my hand in marriage? She doesn’t deserve you Harley. Girl: How about I pay you a subscription not to? *laughter* I’ll even turn on notifications. Connor: Oh shit notifications! You’re gonna watch a video. Give me that ad revenue fuck yeah, baby. Let’s go. Send me — send me a screenshot.
Girl: There you go. Connor: Send me a screenshot the notification bell turned on. Girl: There you go, subscribed with notifications. Connor: Well thank you. Well, thanks for letting me crash your call guys and making it really awkward for you. Girl: I appreciate awkward. Connor: anyway, thanks guys. Nice talking to you *Muffled conversation* Harley (Boyfriend): Nice talking to you, weirdo. *Laughter* Connor: You know me. Later! So a little bit awkward, yeah. It’s really awkward. I don’t know why I do this to myself. And I also met someone who was a fan of mine, so that was nice. And I messed with them a little bit, and they didn’t believe I was CDawg. And I proved that I was CDawg, And they were very shocked. They were very polite, they said my content was good so… Before they knew it was me, so I was happy with that. I took that as a victory and… *sighs* Yeah, it was It was long. It was a long, long, long journey. But it was fun. But did I find love on No I didn’t, of course I didn’t. I would advise not going to this website to trying to find love. It just isn’t the best solution. And if you do if you are going here to find love or to meet people, don’t give out social medias or phone numbers. Really, I wouldn’t recommend it. Just you know, to be safe because you know, Snapchat has a feature where it can tell you exactly where that person is Unless you have it turned off so Be careful of that, because some people who added me had that on and I could see exactly where they lived and that’s really creepy. And some phone numbers will tell you their area code, And you can find some basic information out with just a phone number. So please, please don’t give out your phone number or social media people on these websites, or just any website. It’s dumb. If you did enjoy this video, please hit that subscribe button, maybe even the notification bell Hit a like and comment, cause we’re a sellout now, That’s what we do, and also check out my patreon and join my discord server. There’s a lot of things you need to do, and you need to get started now! So anyway, I will see you beautiful weebs next time. Byeee!!


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