faster internet guaranteed

Alright welcome back to “OndaWire”, so
I had this bright idea {bing sound} and I said you know what people keep asking me for tech
tips so let me start doing a weekly review on “OndaWire” tech tips in less
than 2 minutes. Now jumping into this tech tip this one is going to be on how
to get faster internet speeds at home guaranteed. I dare you to try it yes
I’m daring you to try this at home because this will work and I know it. Now
what I want you to do is if you see all of these devices that I have over here I
have a lot of tech gadgets this is only a portion of what I have as you can see
I have a couple of cell phones, I have like 4 laptops here, I have an Nvidia
shield, an iPad, a Google Chromebook and that’s not including all of my
televisions and everything else that use Wi-Fi. If you have any of these tech
gadgets I want you to know just because you’re not using it doesn’t mean it’s
not using your Wi-Fi so in order to get faster Wi-Fi and eliminate the buffering
and the slowdowns of your internet speeds when you’re
streaming or gaming go into those devices put them in flight mode or just
turn the Wi-Fi off or better yet just power the device off if you’re not using
it when you do that you will notice a major difference in your internet speeds.
For me by doing that to all of these devices and my other devices I have had
zero buffering when I’m streaming television or when I’m gaming. This is a
game changer that I want you to use and it’s also something that most of us just
overlook, so again in short, don’t think because you’re not using these devices
they’re not using your Wi-Fi because they are. I I hope you guys enjoyed this
“OndaWire” tech tip in under 2 minutes. I’m out


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