Expérience Sociale #30: L’humiliation sur internet

Stay calm I said, asshole ! Look at me ! Look at me ! Answer ! Hey everyone ! Hey you, the generation who grew up with Snapchat, Facebook and co’. I’m really glad to know you’re more and more every day on our channel “Would You React?”. So thanks to sensitize yourself. Today I really want to realize this social experimentation for young people, who unfortunately keep to being humiliated in school environment but more and more on social medias. Look how people are going to react at our social experimentation. Olivier Bogaert, an expert on this subject, will tell us his solutions in the end of this video for the purpose of it can’t happen again. Do it for me, share this video a lot on all of your social medias and thanks to like this video if you think this kind of videos is useful on YouTube. Enjoy it ! Don’t forget to tell us in comment if you liked the video, and above all, why ? Like usual with a great pleasure, I’ll read all of your comments. Hey ! Martin is here ! Snapchat ! But it’s my package ! But it’s my package ! We’re going to see a milk sir ! You’re getting thirsty, no ? Do you want a few chips ? Hop ! Wouldn’t you push him ? – Good for you ! Haha ! – Get away from me ! Stay calm I said, asshole ! Aren’t you sick to eat ? Put on weight, put on weight, put on weight ! Drink, no ? Why are you crying ? Hé ! Why are you crying ? Hé ! – But stop to… – Look at me ! Look at me ! Look at me ! Look at me ! Hé ! Ho ! Look at me ! Are you looking at me now ? Why are you crying ? Go ahead, answer huh ! Answer ! Wait… You want to eat… Are you sure? Are you sure to don’t want to eat more ? Hé ! Respect is answering ! Are you answering me ? Fuck it ! Answer ! We’re speaking to you okay ! Son of a bitch ! We’re speaking to you ! Respect is answering ! There are seven people, no one is taking part to the fight… You didn’t incite him enough I think, he’s still starving ! No ! But no ! What is it ? What is it ? I’m speaking to you ! Oh ! You’re sad right ? Right ? Right ? Go ahead, go take your tram ! Did you get people who took the tram are a little traumatised by what they saw ? Me, I think it’s a scandal, these people who get on the bus looking at it without make any complain. We can’t look at this without take part. I agree but I stood behind ’cause I wanted to see how the situation would evolve ! So, here, the sir who didn’t take part : 1) was worried about inactives spectators, 2) didn’t take part to see how far it would go ! – It’s Martin… – But stop ! You’re starving right ? Go ahead ! Eat ! Eat ! (Is there any person who’s gonna react ?) We don’t show off now right ?! It’s cold right ? He’s put on weight, he’s put on weight ! You don’t know how to go on foot ? But no… Wait Snapchat, story… in live ! Martin victim ! Are you cold ? With milk ? Hmmm, here ! A glass to drink ! Go ahead ! Clean yourself with it ! Alright… Anyway, he’s a piece of shit.. You, you enjoy to eat chips ! Give ! Feed him a little, he’s starving ! No, but no ! The miss choose to leave et let the victim alone… Eyewitnesses go without an eye for the victim… You’re still eating, dirty pig ! Wait, Snapchat ! Are you cold ? Wait I’m gonna make a Story, I’m coming ! You’re thirsty right ? What are you doing, now ? Do you know him ? No I don’t know him but you’re making bullshits now ! You’re filming this and putting it on Snapchat to show off ! You think it’s cool ? But let him alone, this poor guy ! Fuck it ! What did he do to you ? Anything ? – He took my spot ! – What ? Your spot to sit down ? But you’re young, you can stand. Stop show off ! Damn guys, you’re sad! Come on ! Come here. How old are you by the way ? Is that your problem ? Ten years ? Eleven maybe ? Are you disturbed? No I’m not, but show off until this point … My friends, congratulations to you ! There are four actors. It’s to sensitive people to humiliation. Congrats ! Honestly I wanted to tell you congrats. I saw you gave a handkerchief and all.. It’s really important. More, I think film it it’s worst ! Others look at him and can think “there is the little piece of shit…” Thanks my friend ! There was cameras everywhere ! Hi guys ! Thanks a lot to you ! And congrats for what did you do. And your finest hour is not far away anymore. Snapchat! You’re not fine ? Are you cold ? (Snowball in his face ! Ahah!) Be care to the 4 young boys on right. Aren’t you eating anymore ? So you’re not talking now ? The teacher is not here anymore ! What are you doing ? Give him back ! Give him back! Do you know him ? They’re mine ! They’re mine ! Guys guys, it’s a hidden camera ! Well played ! Can I ask you why did you take part to the fight to defend this young boy ? They were pushing him and stealing his chips, wesh ! I don’t know, the instinct. Instinct ? Okay ! Do you know our videos ? There is ! Today it’s on the dangers of social medias. Congrats to you and thanks a lot ! I don’t have any magic formula but I think the adult approaching younger people clearly asking “Can I help you?” Taking part to the fight by showing his presence, without being angered, Really saying “I’m coming, I’m interposing” It’s at this time the adult take over the control. We can do a personal work by saying at one time : “Here ! When I see a situation like this one, I’m interposing !” And step by step, there is an assurance that will be put in place. We’re gonna get confidence and we’re gonna can say : “Well, yes, now I know how to react on these situations.” I think the council we can give to the younger people is looking environment, looking if adults are closed and go away toward them in saying “What is happen there isn’t normal! Come to help me miss ! Come to help me sir!” If we are confronted to a problem like this one, what can we do ? We can call for example Child Focus, or the 103, the childs welfare services. And now, even if you’re a kid, there is no problem. They’re going to listen to you. The person who hung up is gonna listen your problem and tell you what she’s gonna do for you. And there, someone will can contact and help you, so you don’t have to hesitate.


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