EpicPxls How-To on AppSumo

What’s up, designers? Today’s showcase is for you. Of course, you know that customizing pre-existing
templates is the simplest way to create artistic sites, apps, and other frameworks in only
a fraction of the time. And with a selection of free and premium curated
fonts, graphics, templates, mobile app designs, and more, you’ll save yourself hours and
frustration on your next design project with today’s product showcase. What is up, fam? It’s your girl Vanessa from AppSumo, and
today we are talking about EpicPxls, a marketplace specifically curated so you can discover high-quality
designs that will elevate your projects to the next level. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t, and AppSumo is loaded with
exciting deals like this one that help you work smarter, not harder. Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button and
hit the bell so you never miss out on a deal. Now let’s dive into EpicPxls. Once you’ve logged into your account, it’s
time to scroll through their homepage to see all of the free and premium designs. Click through the featured products at the
top, view everything that’s available, or swipe through the lists curated based on your
interests and past purchases. Have something specific in mind? Use the filter option to find exactly what
you need. However you choose to view their offerings,
you can feel confident that each hand-selected product is top-notch quality, whether it’s
a free or premium asset. Plus, EpicPxls selects and adds new free items
daily. Click on the product you’re interested in
for more information. You can follow the product’s authors for
updates, view an extensive list of all the related ZIP files, and many of the products
even come with demos, tutorials, and even live previews! Bonus: If you’re in the market for icons,
the product pages display the various icons, so you always know what you’re getting. Look good? With an EpicPxls plan, you can immediately
download the asset you need for your project. All downloads are also conveniently stored
in your My Downloads tab for safe-keeping. EpicPxls comes with some added perks for your
wallet. With the Partner Program, share your EpicPxls
link and earn 10% from every purchase your referrals make in your first year. And if you’re someone who actively designs
templates, fonts, or other design resources, you can start selling on EpicPxls with a no-exclusivity
lock-in and the ability to set your own prices—plus, Plus, EpicPxls takes only a small, reasonable cut. Whether you need to create a restaurant menu,
an e-commerce site, or a personal blog, EpicPxls has got you covered. Streamline and speed up your design process
using the only hub you’ll need for free & premium curated fonts, graphics, templates,
and more with EpicPxls.


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