Ellen’s Booth of Internet Wonders ft. Ali Wong, Shailene Woodley, Trevor Noah, and more!

Me as the opposite gender. [SPINNING SOUND] Oh, my God, that’s frightening. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [LYRICS] I hear your heart beat
til they’re beat out of drums. Oh, I know what want. That’s funny. Yes. We’ll do opposite gender. Oh, my God. That looks like my brother. We need a photo of my
brother so we can compare. [LAUGHTER] All right. I like me as the
opposite gender. He looks like he
has a healthy 401K. Hello, Russell, do
you work in finance? My husband is here. You want to take a look at what
I would look like as a man? [LAUGHTER] Look, isn’t that crazy? My celeb look-alike. Yep, I knew that. That was a given. I wish– by the way, I wish. I wish that’s what I look like. Sorry to drag your name
down, Henry Cavill. No. What? I mean, he’s cool. But, no. I though I look more like
Brad Pitt or something. No offense, Dave. It’s– Prince Charming. Yeah. That’s me. That’s not a look-alike. That’s me. OK. OK. This is like me if my mom just
met a slightly different man in every single
country in the world. This is actually very creepy. Me with blonde hair. Oh, look at that. I look like a K pop star. My God. No, I’m not going to do that. That costs money. That is like– this is the hair
from the original pilot that’s never been seen for
Game of Thrones. Oh, that works. I feel like I’m in a band,
and I’m the lead singer. Or the drummer. I’m in a band either way. A very popular band. I wear skinny jeans. Me in 30 years. Oh– All right. So maybe I need
to wear sunscreen. This is good. This like a fair warning. Did I change races? What happened? 30 years? I said 30 years. That’s like 60 years. He looks like someone
who is still going to be in a bar going, Hello. You know, I used to be on
this show, Game of Thrones. Don’t know if
you’ve heard of it. Wow, OK. At least I’m still getting
invited to award shows. What’s the millennial
word of the moment? Hey, Stan. It means, hey, you
look hot, Stan. [BUZZING SOUND] All I think about
is Sebastian Stan. That’s it. Definition? Superhero next to
Captain America? Bucky. [BUZZING SOUND] This is when you are in
between sitting and standing. [BUZZING SOUND] Yes, I know what stan–
stan means you like, you like fantasize about
being in a relationship with that person. [RINGING SOUND] I stan that relationship. Do you think it comes
back from the M&M song? [RINGING SOUND] It’s a great song. OK, so I’m a super
fan of Sebastian Stan. Is that how that works? [MUSIC PLAYING]


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