Earn $30/hr testing websites [UserTesting Review]

do you know there is a company out there
who will pay up to $30 an hour just to test a website and when I say test a
website I literally mean just going to this website looking around and giving
feedback that they’re asking for now well that sounds good do you stick with
us we’re gonna dive right in so when I first heard about this it sounded a little bit too good to be true so I got my senior editor Lauren to go through
the entire process I had to record a screencast of this entire process and
how it works and so you can basically look over her shoulder as she’s going
through this and we’ll have a link down below if you want to try them out but
let’s just dive in hey everyone its Lauren the senior editor over at SeedTime and I am going to talk about user testing on this video and show you how
to get signed up and how it works and how you can make a little bit of extra
money each month if this is something that interests you so the website is
usertesting.com and they are essentially a place where
you can go as a tester you can go and just review websites from large
companies that are just looking to get some feedback from some of their
customers and people who visit their website just to learn about the
usability and things like that so you take a test they take anywhere I’ve
taken I haven’t I’ve only done a couple tests but one of them was a quick
five-minute one another one was like 15 to 20 minutes so they vary I would say
from 5 minutes to 30 minutes and you get paid $10 a test I think the five minute
one ended up it was odd situation so I got paid three dollars for doing that
one but they tell you all that upfront so to sign up we are just going to put
our email address in here and clicks read the Terms of Use and click
sign me up and they are going to send us an email so I am going to go over to my
email address and pull that email out okay so I came over to my email and
you’ll see this user testing support email so they are just asking that we
confirm our email address and then we can start our sample test
you’ll have to download some software that will walk you through the test and
record your sessions and upload it to their servers so you’ll walk through
this process to download the screen recorder and go ahead and continue okay
so we have the screen recorder downloaded so I’m just gonna hit
continue and now they say that you’re ready to record your first sample video
so I’m not gonna walk through all of these steps in terms of watching a
sample video you can do all that when you are like if you go through this
process to become a tester yourself but I just want to show you what the process
will be like when you actually receive an email and actually take a test this
is essentially what the email will look like it’s going to come from user
testing and support it’ll say new website test from user testing and it’ll
just give you a little bit of information if they know the scenario
requirements things like that so I typically just click here and log in and
look to see what test is available so this is what this is where you’ll be
brought taken every time you come in so you have a dashboard and it shows you
tests that are available completed tests a little bit about your profile message
center and a success center so on the available tests they all tell you what
device you need some of them you can just do on your iPhone which is nice
when they were posted the test number a little bit about them and then a lot of
times you have to do a screener test to maybe answer a few questions before you qualify to take the test so we’re just gonna walk through one of these and
you’ll see how the process works so we have passed the screener test so
we got to this success page so we’re going to click to view the test and to
start that process so it gives you a scenario a mindset that they want you to
get into for the test and you want to read this just make sure you get this in
your head an idea of what mindset you’re going to be in for the next 15 or 20
minutes then you hit accept test and this is where it gives you all the steps
for making sure you’re recording you want to make sure your microphone is
plugged in you’re gonna start the screen recorder get through all those prompts
and then this will pop up and you need to read this make sure your microphone is there selected for whatever output you are using and then I’m gonna say I’m ready to think out loud yes and then it’s gonna bring me in to the test so you all of your tasks are gonna
be brought up this way so it’s gonna be a pop-up that comes up and it’s gonna
tell you exactly what to do so I’m just gonna walk through this test this is the
biggest thing that they are looking for when you are taking these tests are that
you keep talking they want to hear all of your thoughts out loud versus you
thinking about things and not verbalizing them because that is the
most helpful for the company the client who has paid user testing to get
feedback on whatever they’re looking for feedback on so that is in the feedback
that I’ve gotten from the couple of tests that I’ve taken that’s the biggest
thing you have to take your time you don’t want to seem like you’re rushed
through anything and you want to keep talking the entire time so they know all
of your thoughts so now you are just gonna see me walk through this test so
you hit the start button and it gives you a countdown for your screen
recording – for one that’s gonna start and then it’s just gonna give you all of
your steps in the upper right hand corner so you’ll see that this test it
had actually 14 steps with it it went very quickly I was able to get it done
in about I think 15 minutes or so so I’m literally just reading the steps and
taking the action so they’re asking me to register using an access code they
gave me the access code to put in so I’m following the directions word-for-word
and the entire time I’m talking out loud so I’m reading the question out loud
I am talking through my thought process with you know can I find where I input
the access code can I find my email where I and put my email address
anything to let them see how the user experiences what they’re asked asking
you to do so I’m just following through all of these steps and setting up an
account which is the first task that they are asking me to do so now you can
see I’m on this Kontest and they are just asking what my
impressions are of the page so I’m just giving them my feedback on
what I think about the page what is confusing to me and what I like what I
don’t like things like that I’m just answering that question and then I will
go on to the next question and I do this for all of the steps all the way through
and a couple of the steps end up being just text answers so it’s just a
question that they ask and I just type in some feedback and again thoroughness is what they’re looking for they want someone who is going to give them more
than a one-word answer give them a little bit of meat so they can take the
feedback and implement it into their site okay so I’m on the final question
now so they’re just asking me you know if there’s anything final that I want to
say and then telling me to sign out on the website so I am walking through that
process signing out of the website doing the
last task and speaking my thoughts the entire time so they know exactly what
I’m thinking what issues I’m running into what’s
confusing what’s not when I click the done button I’ve finished it and it’ll
stop recording and then it’s just gonna ask me some questions so I’m just gonna
give my feedback here and tell them what worked for me what didn’t work answer
all their questions as thoroughly as possible and then that’s the end of the
test okay so this is the page that you’ll get when you’re done so I as you
saw through it you know they clearly give you the tasks that they want you to
complete you know they ask you the questions that they want you to answer
and you walk through you answer a couple questions at the end of it and then it
uploads for you this upload process does take a couple minutes because it goes to
their server so you just wait until that is uploaded and then it’ll be safe to
close the window and then that is the end of the actual testing
taking the actual test so I think that took me probably 15 minutes from start
to finish which isn’t bad at all okay so then the window will change to it’s now
safe to close this window so I’m just going to close it I’m also gonna close
all these other things that I opened before that and you can just come over
to your completed tests and you will see that the tests that you’ve taken and the
payment status pending so I think it takes I don’t know maybe a week or so
for the payment to come through and they give you a rating and then they give you
feedback so you’ll notice this first one was technically the second test the
first paid test that I took and I did not get paid based on feedback that they
gave me which was you know I rushed through it I didn’t answer all the
questions things like that so that definitely gave me a glimpse into what
exactly they’re looking for and how seriously they take it you know they
have companies that are paying them to make sure they get good feedback on the
exact questions that they’re looking for so that is user testing in a nutshell
hopefully this helps you and you are able to make a little bit of extra money
with him all right I hope you found this helpful and if you did I would love it
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you in the next video


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