DUB the DEW | Mountain Dew Vs. The Internet

In late 2012, Mountain Dew held an online contest… ‘Dub The Dew’ They said “hey, internet… you choose the name of our new apple flavored drink, let’s put it to an online poll.” Rumor has it their marketing team was already set on a few names like… ‘Tempest’ or ‘Electric Apple’ or ‘Xtreme Apple’. However, 4chan soon found out about the contest, and they had their own recommendations. ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ was the number one pick. and ‘Gushing Granny’ was a close second. Plenty of other creative names were put forward too, here’s a quick montage. But that wasn’t all… Mountain Dew’s online security was lacking, Exploitable flaws in their voting system allowed people to vote as many times as they pleased. It also turned out there was no input validation on their site. Soon, avid fans of the new ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ beverage were changing elements of the webpage. They added ‘Mountain Dew salutes the Israeli Mossad for demolishing 3 towers on 9/11’. and made the Rick Roll video autoplay when people visited the homepage. If audience engagement was what they were looking for, the marketing team had run a great campaign. But…in the end, they also had final say over the name. ‘Apple Mountain Dew’ was the…chosen name. [sigh] After the competition, those who were unsatisfied with the name started a petition on change.org. It got 70 signatures and then it just died out. More cataloging to come.

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