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– Well, Brian, you’re 16 years old, you got your learner’s permit. Your mom and I thought it was about time. – We thought you needed
your own wheels, (laughs) so happy birthday! – What! A Lamborghini! Are you kidding me? – Serious as a heart attack ma’ boy. – ‘Cause that’s what he almost
had when he got the bill from the insurance company. – I don’t even know how to drive! – You deserve it, son. – At least that’s what we
tell ourselves so we can sleep at night. (upbeat music) – Hey, this is RKA and
this is another episode of Awkward Marketing. Because marketing your small
business can be awkward, sometimes awful, I’ll
help you make it awesome. (upbeat music) Hiring a fancy designer
for your baby business’ first website is kind of
like giving your 16-year-old a Lamborghini to learn how to drive. Best case scenario, it’s
a waste of a good thing. Worst case scenario, it’s
an expensive mistake that’ll cost you way more than money. And yeah, I’m a web designer who happens to own the domain,
don’t hire a web designer dot com, check it out. And as a web designer,
there’s nothing that keeps me up at night quite like
knowing a client is paying me big bucks to build them
something that will be of little use to them. Which is why I’m not afraid
to say to prospective clients: don’t hire me. You might have heard me say
before, a website is not a boomerang investment. When you invest in a new
website, that money doesn’t come right back to you
and whack ya in the face. If you’re an entrepreneur
in the first one to two years of business, you
need a fancy custom website like a 16-year-old with
a learner’s permit needs a brand new Lamborghini. In fact, it’s not just
that hiring a web designer at this stage in business
won’t help you very much, spending your business budget
there could actually hurt you. The biggest way I see this
investment hurting entrepreneurs is by becoming an expensive distraction or in reality, an expensive
form of procrastination or as I like to say, brandcrastination. I made that up. Like it? Imagine this: you’re starting
a brand new business, you’re excited, you’re on
fire, you’re ready to take the world by storm, and you
pour all your time, energy, and money into a brand
and web design project. You spend weeks and months
agonizing over the perfect logo, endlessly nitpicking website
drafts, poring over your brand archetypes and your brand story, instead of focusing on
creating a product or service that fills a true need in the marketplace and getting that product
and service in front of the right audience. Then, by the time you finally
launch your branded website, you are so spent. You don’t have the energy
or the passion left over to market and promote your thing. And when your website doesn’t
act like a magic pill, you get frustrated or when you don’t get
overnight results, you consider it a sign that you’re
doing the wrong thing or you just run out of money, whichever happens first. So, ya throw in the towel
before your business ever had a chance to get off the ground. Or it could look a little
something like this: you build an entire branded
website around the hypothesis of what you think will
resonate in the marketplace, but then when you actually start marketing and promoting it, you
realize your audience wants something completely different or, they’re drawn to you for
totally different reasons than you originally thought. Which means, you have a
digital space you can’t use and you have to start
from scratch, which means more time and money, both
of which you might not have much more of. Either way, the story ends
in small business defeat. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s what I recommend instead: when you’re getting started
in business, you don’t need a fancy custom designed website. You need a business plan. You need a marketing strategy. You need a simple DIY website. You need to get out in
front of your audience sooner rather than later. You need to pour your
time and energy not into a brand project, but in crafting
a message that resonates with your audience and a customer experience
that makes people start talking about you. You need to test your hypothesis
that you’ve got something people are excited to buy. And that, when you’ve done that and people know your name
and the money is flowin’ in and you start reaching the
limits of what you can do with a DIY branded website, that’s when you call a
branded web designer. Not a minute sooner. Until that day comes, I’ve got
something for new businesses who want to rock the internet, without spending money
on a fancy designer. Head to and I will hook you up. And trust me, the day for
your digital Lamborghini will come and when it
does, it will be glorious because you can actually enjoy it instead of worrying about
crashing and burning, which can be a whole
lot worse than awkward. (upbeat music) – Mommy loves you. – Be safe out there. (upbeat music)

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