“Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” – Selecting -Or Not Selecting- Hyperlinks in Excel: Podcast #1601

Easy-XL sponsors MrExcel Podcast. Don’t Fear the Spreadsheet, episode number 11: Selecting Hyperlinks. Alright, I am Bill Jelen from MrExcel.com. I’ll be joined by Tyler Nash. Tyler, what’s today’s question? Tyler Nash – A co-worker of mine just sent
me a worksheet that I need to do some editing in, and there’s tons and tons of hyperlinks
in the cells; and I need to be able to click inside those cells without actually following
the hyperlink. Is there a way that I can do that? Hey, that’s sweet! I like that co-worker of yours, Tyler, because
they sent you a list of articles; this is copied and pasted from the MrExcel articles
page. And so, all of these are live hyperlinks. Now, I don’t know why you’d want to get rid
of the hyperlinks, because they all lead to a great article, right. You click and it opens your Web page, and
you are going to be able to see all kinds of stuff. Why do you want to get rid of these, uh, these
hyperlinks. But I understand, Excel is notorious, right,
you just come here and type anything that seems, you know, remotely like either an email
address or anything; and they change the color, they make it a hyperlink, you know. So, if you see it right after it happens you
can say, “Undo Hyperlink”; or you can even say, “Hey, stop doing this”, all
right. So, I’ll just undo hyperlink. But in this case we just have hundreds of
these, that we have to, to — you know, work with and the frustrating thing is when you
go click the cell it takes you to the page again. So, two solutions to this: the solution I
always use, I just come to a cell that doesn’t have a hyperlink and then I use the arrow
keys to get in. But as one of the viewers of the MrExcel podcast
pointed out, there is an official way to do it, which I don’t quite like. You actually click on the cell and hold the
mouse button down. When the hand changes to a plus sign there,
you can click and you selected the cell; so click, hold, there. What’s the — so it’s a hand, click, plus. Takes about half a second, not that bad, but
once you’re in you can use the arrow keys. Hey, if you happen to be in Excel 2010, by
the way, there is this cool new feature. It’s out on the Home tab: this little eraser
here. In Excel 2010, if you select a bunch of cells,
and more than one of those cells have a hyperlink, then they will give you this “remove hyperlinks”
which will remove them all. Now, hey, in real life, what you really might
want to do with this is extract the address from the hyperlink. That’s beyond the scope of this book but if
you go out to YouTube and you search for learn Excel #664, you will get this video that shows
you a small little macro you can use to get all of those hyperlinks into another color. Hey, “Don’t fear the Spreadsheet” – a
great book – a beginner book for Excel – $14.95. Goes through 150 Q&A; the podcast here is
just going to do about 20 of these. There’s a lot more in the book. It’ll get you from level 1 up to level 4. This book makes “Excel for Dummies” look
like it was written for rocket scientists.

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