Diseño Web 10 – Conceptos Iniciales

Let’s start seeing other elements in the web design process, the elements that has to do with planning. The first of these elements is the initial concepts, where we need to start planning the development of the website, by the way, Some of you ask me what books I recommended to learn how to design web pages, learning development, to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Well, I have one that is what I recommend is this one here, has lots of pages is super full, is almost 700 pages and explains all “But, but well” with many examples, with a lot of depth, this book is really very good I’ll leave the link in the video description to acquire it, it is Anaya and is in the second edition but hey I leave for you to see. We begin with what it has to do with planning. These elements are going to see now, are not the development itself, It is to start planning what you’re going to develop once you know all you have to do. The initial concepts that have to structure consists of the most basic ideas that will have the page, do not go into details, that is, your you plan and say “I want to have the page navigation menu, I want it to be of these four elements, want in the main have here a picture header or a slider and here I have this other ” but do not go into details, to see how you will measure everything, do not go into that picture exactly it is you’re going to put, do not go to see what color will have the button, do not go into these things please because you’re going to cause problems. If you decide the measures that will have for example the head and want to put a text, if after the text is smaller high or more because the source has a size with which you did not count, then you’ll have to re-define the things we already had planned, then do not do that, do not play dumb, just the basic things and ideas in the rough, as well as some generic search of the things you’ll need as photos, files, audio tracks if necessary, stuff like that is a generic search like to have choice but not definitive once you have that done, you already have the basic skeleton is one of the elements that are cool, brainstorming.


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