Discover our BSc Computer Science Degree Apprenticeship with Vodafone

The digital degree apprenticeship is a
forward-thinking program designed to build our digital future here at
Vodafone UK. The apprentices on the program are currently undertaking a four
year course at the University of Birmingham studying BSc computer Science
with the digital technology partnership. Let’s hear from the students as they
share their experience. The content here is brilliant we’re doing AI we’re
programming robots we’re learning about logic and maths and programming. You get
paid a salary and no tuition fees which it gives a lot of security. I have been really
able to integrate with the other computer science students because there
isn’t any heavy difference between us on the timetable.
I found that despite being on the DA I’ve been able to integrate with the
rest of my computer science cohort. The computer science Society is very active
they’ve got events every week talks pub nights. Interacting with new people from
all across the world is definitely a great thing. You make friends and that
friends are gonna stay there because you kind of work with them. When you sort
of think of Vodafone you think of like a big UK giant sort of power in the UK but
it’s actually so much more under the layer of that. The people at Vodafone are good at what they’re doing I mean they’re professionals they are positive
because you see the people smiling being happy enjoying what they work at and
you are happy as well. Perks of the program while having no
student debt at the end of it is takes a weight off my back there’s no added
pressure of looking for placement I think the main reason people should
apply for the DDA is because of the experience that you would get from it.
You can easily email contact in Vodafone and get more information. Just helps make
us feel included in the company and helps make us feel integrated into the
Vodafone family. Empowering the UK and potentially the world where technology
is definitely great thing to be a part. You get experience you get the
material that you need to study and get prepared for a job. I definitely
recommend studying on the programme. It’s just amazing.

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