Dedicated Broadband Plays Key Role in Emergency Management

So there is no normal day as the executive director of emergency management and communication for the city of Chicago. We have one of the largest transportation networks in the nation, we have a lot of critical infrastructure here both in the finance district and the central business district. Chicago has 2.7 million people and on average we have about 80 major events that occur every single weekend in Chicago. Some of those will reach up to two million people, so from a communications perspective, by the time we complete an event, we’re already planning for the next year’s event. The ability to have our own dedicated broadband capability is is a long time coming. You know I think if you talk to the majority of the the public they probably think that we already have this capability especially whenever you look at the fact that every time anything occurs today there’s somebody who is pulling out their cell phone and they want to send a picture of whatever the event is or the incident that occurred where they want to tweet we just were blowing up the airways and it’s critical that first responders the emergency management community have the ability to have priority on these so whenever something happens the safety of our citizens is our number-one concern the more that we’re able to integrate and work things faster the better off we are to be able to provide safety and security to our citizens. If that comes in the form of the early warning, or if it happens after an event occurs to be able to communicate that to the public is really where our primary focus is.

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