DD-WRT Client Mode Setup

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video thanks dd-wrt client mode setup this setup is not a wired connection is a wireless
connection between two routers only the router that you are trying to
connect to is the primary router the router you are configuring is the
client mode router a router in client mode connects to
another wireless access point the host router it uses its wireless
connection as the one interface it shares the internet connection only
to the land ports it is not seen as an access point by
laptops or other computers and does not accept wireless connections
from client devices the main and secondary router are on
separate subnets network address translation is use
between the routers and when port forwarding is needed it
must be configured at both routers the router in client mode must use its
own DHCP server to give out IP numbers gateway and DNS
server to the devices connected to its land ports now with the setup open a web browser and connect to your
router type your username and password iand to a clean set up go to administration factory defaults and restore to factory
defaults now wait until he do his thing and
thirty to forty seconds later connect again to the router by as
default IP choose a new user name and password next go to Wireless wireless security now select the security mode and other key information that matches your
primary router which you will be connecting after you configure exactly the wireless security has the first router click to
save next go to basic settings on wireless mode select client choose the wireless network mode give the same SSID from the primary router assign to the same wireless channel as optional set the correct ACK aknowledge time in meters and save the changes next go to set up basic setup on connection type select DHCP choose a router name in the network setup section set a local IP
address to the next subnet available your client subnet must differ from the
primary router subnet for example if the primary router ends on 0.1 choose 1.1 as optional set static DNS servers in
the network address server settings if you’re wide area network not provide
them or you want to use a different DNS next change your time zone and DST to match where you are optional set a server IP name the name for in time sending section for
network type protocol it will use a hidden default server if
you leave it blank and save the changes as optional if you do not need to worry about security between the access
point and the client router go to security firewall and disabled the
SPI firewall now save and apply settings set your computer back to auto IP and auto DNS if you like you will get a
DHCP address from the router the client router should connect to the
access point within a minute or less you may need to unplug the router for 20
seconds if the router doesn’t reset after you ensure that it does connect
you may configure any other settings for example virtual interface for
wireless connection client mode setup successful now if your
first router have access to Internet you can return to this video and give a
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