Create an Appetizing User Experience (UX)

Hello, this is Mikel Bruce with Tiny
Frog Technologies and we’re actually filming from one of my favorite
vegetarian restaurants in San Diego called Native Foods and we want to talk
a little bit about website user experience and relate it to the experience
some will have when they go to a restaurant. So when someone’s in a
restaurant – whether consciously or unconsciously – there’s several factors
that go into determining whether or not it was a good experience: one of which is,
obviously, was the food good? But there’s much more than that. Secondly, was the
service good? Is the ambience of the restaurant to their
liking? Is it in their favorite neighborhood? Even down to the fact was
the bathroom clean? Those are things that people factor into their experience in
terms of whether or not they’ve had a good experience and if they’ll come back to that particular restaurant. So there’s a number of things
that a user is factoring into the website experience and, again, many of
these things are unconscious. It’s not like they’re thinking to themselves, “Wow,
this website is great.” But if these factors work out well, there’s a much
better chance that the website will convert or if they’ll come
back to the website. So there’s several key factors in terms of an effective
user experience on a website: one of which is the website aesthetically
appealing? Does it have some kind of emotional appeal to the visitor?
Is it drawing them in? Are they able to connect with the website? Secondly, how
relevant is it for that particular visitor in their case and what they’re
looking for? Thirdly, is the website establishing kind
of a baseline of trust and credibility? Another important factor is the website
doing a good job in building value or establishing like a value
proposition? Is it articulating who the company is, what they do, what is
their culture and how they differentiate themselves from the competition? And
another very important factor in the user experience of a website is how easy
is it for the user to find what they’re looking for? How user-friendly is the
website? Nowadays, that’s very critical because if someone doesn’t find what
they’re looking for in a very short period of time, they’ll probably leave
the website. So there’s definitely a lot of correlations between an effective
website user experience and an effective restaurant experience.
So this is Mikel with Tiny Frog Technologies and if you have any
questions on user experience, please let us know.

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