Confusing Messaging on Your Website

Hello, this is Mikel with TinyFrog Technologies.
I would like to talk a little bit about messaging and more specifically, confusing messaging on your website. The homepage tends to be the most important page on your website. It’s basically a portal that will link people
to other pages of the website. If your homepage is developed well, it can
act as a very strong lead capture to get someone to contact you through your website. The messaging on your site, specifically on your homepage, is very, very important. The homepage messaging, first of all, needs to be very succinct. If you’re forcing your visitor or user on
on the website to read a lot of dense content, you’re probably going to lose them right away. Think about it: when you get an email that
is very very long, most people look at that and get frustrated by it. Your website is no different. Often times you have to read those emails, but if someone is landing on your website, they don’t have to be there. The content of your website and even the visuals really need to be designed in such a way to pull someone in and to allow them to develop an emotional connection with your website. The 4 most important things you are looking for when someone lands on your website are: 1) Who you are? 2) What you do? 3) Why they should consider using you? 4) What is the call to action, or what’s the
very next thing they should be doing? Those are the 4 messages or content that needs to be on your website. Everything else is definitely secondary, especially in the most prominent areas of your website or the most prominent areas on your homepage. I would strongly recommend not doing your own homepage messaging yourself. I would strongly recommend getting help from somebody who really knows what they’re doing because that will really make or break your website in terms of whether or not someone decides to stay on your website, and even
more importantly whether someone decides to contact you through your website. This is Mikel Bruce with Tiny Frog Technologies, once again. And if you have any questions about messaging and strategy and web design, feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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