Computer Scientists vs A-Level Comp Sci Exam

– Hi. I’m Giovanni. I study Computing at Imperial
College London. – I’m Kaho, I’m doing a Masters in
Computer Science at Cambridge. – Hi, I’m Chi. I’m doing a Ph.D in Robotics at University College London. – [justAlevel] Here it is. The exam. – I’m shaking already. – Great. I thought I was done with exams. (hums tune) – D-type flip-flops? Wow, this a university level question. – Shade one lozenge. What? (mumbles question) – Draw a logic circuit? Oh, this is cool. Devices by retailers who sell food. This is boring, this is
boring, this is boring. – Yeah, so I like that question. I think it’s good for A-level students to start thinking about. What? – Yay. Explain the purpose of ordinal numbers. What are ordinal numbers? Man, I need to eat for this exam – Functional programming. No. They have functional
programming in the test. Yes, I like this. I’m genuinely happy about this. Executed in a web browser aren’t… Who writes this stuff? – I mean, these are actual
questions for people. And you have to sit through the entire two and a half hours of these questions? Very interesting. Very, very interesting. – Why? Why is Javascript not compiled? Why is it not? Tell me. – It’s a complete lie that
all computer scientists know about internet,
because well, I don’t, and I can’t fix my WiFi in my room. So program counter, that’s… I vaguely remember what PC would mean. It’s not politically correct right? Program counter. – Are you serious? What are ordinal numbers? I feel dumb. I’m serious, like… Can I use my phone to… …to answer these questions Oh wow, wow. I mean, they’re talking
about Harvard Architecture of arranging a computer system. I did this in my third year of university at Imperial College. – Okay. The icon in figure two is represented by– It’s got pictures,
that’s why I’m doing it, Write SQL? Off the top of my head? Some people can do it. I am not one of those people.


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